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    Starting life on a college campus is hard enough, but add in the fact that some students don’t come to campus until the second semester and it can spell trouble. At Northeastern University, some accepted students have the opportunity to do their first semester abroad in places like Greece, London, Ireland and many more. These students join the Boston campus crowd at the start of the spring semester, but often have a sensation they are far behind everyone else. This transition can be extremely difficult for the newbies on campus so here are a few tips to get going on the right path for the semesters to come.


  1. Talk to everyone. Sure a lot of people already have established friend groups or friends in class, but I have never met anyone who would turn down a friendship. If not a life long bond, at least you have someone’s notes to borrow in sticky situations

  1. Get involved. This one goes without saying, essentially, since it has been drilled down students’ throats since they could kick a ball. The best way to encounter people to talk to (see tip 1) is to find yourself constantly meeting new people. The more you meet, the more you talk to, the higher chances you have of finding at least a few very special relationships

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. The campus can be confusing at first and so can Rebecca’s at 11:45 and although you may think you are the only one who doesn’t get it, chances are you are not alone. Almost always there is someone else wandering around, dazed and confused, just like you. And even if there isn’t anyone, I know that when someone asks me for help and I can actually give them directions it makes me feel like a rockstar. So go ahead, ask away with all of your qualms and worries, make people feel better about themselves and the knowledge they have finally gained.

4. You are not that far behind. It is a common feeling to have coming into the first semester, sheer and utter confusion and feeling completely overwhelmed. The second semester freshman may look like they have it all figured out, but truth is they are still putting the pieces together themselves. It’s hard to find anyone who is completely certain of their five year plan and if they are they probably only just figured it out. Keep email bombing your advisor, ask upperclassmen for advice and sooner or later you will be right with everyone else. 

  1. Have fun! College is exactly what you make of it and depends a lot on how much you are willing to put into the experience. Although it may be tempting to watch Netflix on nights when no one you know is doing anything or even go home if you live close by, resist the urge and it will most certainly pay off. Down the road you will remember the memories you made with friends, acquaintances or even people you just met much more than that tenth episode of New Girl or your couch at home.


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Emily Feltault


Hi my name is Emily Feltault and I am a rising sophomore at Northeastern University! I am one of the new Campus Correspondents for my chapter and am excited to get started!!
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