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Northeastern’s King Husky!

King Husky became the campus mascot in 1927 when the first husky appeared on campus that March. He took the train to North Station all the way from Alaska and was greeted by thousands of students and faculty. The University band celebrated his entrance to the campus and classes for that day were canceled. Along with a parade of police escorts, the Husky was carried throughout campus. He rules the Northeastern campus ever since and appears at thousands of athletic events.  For some good-luck rub his nose in Ell Hall when you’re walking by!

Jenn Sinrich is a fourth year journalism major and theater minor at Northeastern University. Coming from a small town along the beaches of the north shore, Jenn has always admired the fast-paced and motivational life of the city. She loves living in Boston and especially likes running by the Charles River. At Northeastern she is a founding sister of the Eta Kappa chapter of Kappa Delta Sorority. She enjoys acting and theater, musicals and listening to show tunes, scrap booking and collaging, and anything else that encourages and inspires creativity.
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