A Northeastern Student’s Coffee Checklist

I might have just used this article assignment as an excuse to go around Boston and drink artsy lattes, but regardless, it’s for the blog. As an avid coffee connoisseur, I’m always looking for new drinks to try (within a one-mile radius of course; that’s the most I’m willing to walk for coffee).

I’ve recently begun to appreciate coffee shops and small cafés in the downtown Boston area. Maybe it’s just for the free wi-fi and chill vibe, but I love being in the environment. I hope you enjoy my journey through a few of my favorite coffee shops near Northeastern!

1. Render Coffee

Render Coffee will always have a special place in my heart since it’s the first place I went to when I visited Boston for the first time. This hidden gem on Columbus Ave. is a cozy little coffee shop that also serves bagels and sandwiches.

Photo courtesy of the author, Ritika Iyer

You should try the bagels and the hazelnut latte! 

2. Pavement Coffeehouse

With a location very close to Northeastern’s campus (Gainsborough Street), Pavement Coffeehouse is one of the most convenient coffee shops to hang out in. Pavement serves baked goods, tea, and of course, coffee. I love coming to Pavement to sip artsy lattes and bullet journal (mostly for the Instagram aesthetic).

Photo courtesy of the author, Ritika Iyer

My favorite is the mocha latte!

3. Tatte Bakery and Café

Almost TOO conveniently, Tatte is located inside the Marino Center on Huntington Ave. I walk by Tatte every day and it’s so tempting to go inside and indulge in the pastries and lattes. This cute little coffee shop has an upbeat vibe while still offering a nice place to meet friends and study for tests.

Photo courtesy of the author, Ritika Iyer

I love the iced house latte; it’s the perfect blend of sugary goodness and the bitter essence of coffee.

 4. Caffé Bene

As an architecture student, I always make quick runs to Blick Art Materials to replenish my constantly-growing stationery collections. Making a quick stop (that ends up being half an hour) at Caffé Bene, located right above Blick (on Huntington Avenue) has become a tradition for my friends and me. I even wrote this article at Caffé Bene! This adorable coffee shop has it all — pastries, bagels, paninis, and my personal favorite, coffee.

Photo courtesy of the author, Ritika Iyer

I really recommend the vanilla latte and the bagels!

These are definitely my top four favorite coffee shops near Northeastern! I can’t wait to explore more cafés in the area, especially Café Nero and Farmer Horse Coffee!