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As we approach closer and closer to summer, many students are getting ready for travel, from vacation to Dialogues of Civilizations. I will be attending a Dialogue this summer, and here is everything I will be bringing to help reduce packing stress and suitcase weight! Dialogues of civilizations occur at Northeastern during the Summer session and usually run for around a month. You can easily find all these items on Amazon.

  1. Packing Cubes 

Packing cubes are an essential for anyone traveling for long periods of time who can’t bring a lot of clothing. They also make unpacking and repacking quickly a breeze. You can also get compressible packing cubes that reduce the size further of your items, but those tend to cost a little bit more than the regular ones. You can easily find a set of four or more cubes for less than twenty dollars.

  1. Jewelry Organizer 

Having your jewelry organized makes pairing them with outfits way easier. Before I had one of these on vacations, my jewelry would sit in a little box on my dresser for the entire vacation. Now, I can see everything much easier and wear all the jewelry I bring. This also prevents tangling and anything breaking! You can find these for less than ten dollars, and they are small and compact, easily fitting into any suitcase. 

  1. Brush Holder 

This has been a life saver! I throw this in my makeup bag with my makeup brushes and sponges, and it significantly reduces space while protecting your brushes and keeping them clean. You can find these for less than fifteen dollars, and it is absolutely worth it. They’re usually made of silicon or rubber, so they are flexible and fit easily in makeup bags. But, you can find protectors made of more sturdy material to protect your brushes. 

  1. Portable Perfume Holders 

Having to take a glass, large, usually expensive bottle of perfume on your vacation is not ideal. It could spill or leak mid flight and stink up all of your belongings in your suitcase. I bought these disposable, portable containers that you can fill with perfume (or cologne!). These are way smaller than any bottle of perfume, fitting more easily in your belongings. Also, rather than bringing your entire signature scent, it can be protected and safe at home while you can travel with it anywhere you want! You can get them with a spray top or a roller ball top. The roller ball aspect definitely prevents a lot of product being used at once, and therefore, your scent will last your entire trip! You can get a few of these in a set for less than ten dollars. 

  1. Electronics Organizer 

Lastly, this electronics organizer will be a life saver, especially if you are taking classes wherever you are traveling. You can get one with a hard, outer shell in order to protect your chargers or devices or a soft shell to be more flexible and fit more easily in your suitcase. I usually shove an adapter, portable chargers and extra chargers in here as well, just in case of an emergency! This way, your chargers and long chords aren’t roaming free in your bag at risk of being tangled or damaged. You can find these also for less than twenty dollars or a nicer one for a bit more money. 

Happy travels and happy end of the semester!

Tess Friedenthal

Northeastern '25

Tess Friedenthal is a third year Human Services and Sociology major at Northeastern University. She enjoys writing and is passionate about a wide variety of topics including social justice, pop culture and media, and much more.