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As the order of the Eurovision semi-finals has recently been revealed, it is time for people to tune in and cast their votes. The Eurovision Song Contest is an annual music competition in which countries in the European Broadcasting Union prepare a song and performance to be considered for the Grand Final. The winner of each contest has the honor of hosting the following year. 

Each performance has unique features and styles that correlate to the country of origin. The contestants do a great job incorporating musicality into their culture. Many winners go on and begin their own careers, including ABBA representing Sweden in 1974. Their song, Waterloo, brought ABBA worldwide fame and reached the top 10 in America.   

The 68th annual Grand Final performance will occur in Malmö, Sweden on May 11. Before the final, the contestants must be narrowed down through the semi-finals. 37 songs is a lot to listen to at once to choose a favorite to cheer on through the final. I narrowed down five songs you must listen to, in no particular order, which are all great contenders for this year’s contest.  

Netherlands: “Europapa” 

This Dutch song, performed by Joost Klein, has a funky, electronic beat and more substance than meets the ear. The piece is a tribute to European peace and the artist’s late father. The lyrics are all in Dutch, but reference European connections and seeing the continent without borders. Overall, it is a touching song with an entertaining music video that is a must-watch. 

Finland: “No Rules!

This is another electronic song with a lighter meaning, which was performed and created by a visual artist and DJ Windows95man. The performance has a quirky intro and does not follow any “rules” of the stage, with intricate outfits — or lack thereof — and other stunts. It captivates the audience with a beat and visuals that get everyone moving. Dance music seems to be a pattern this year, and I am not complaining!

Austria: “We Will Rave

You guessed it: yet another EDM hit. If you couldn’t tell by the name, I guarantee this song will make you want to rave. Although more on the pop side, this Eurodance piece by Austrian singer Kaleen has a tune that will get stuck in your head. The dance synth and catchy lyrics make this song super effective and have me humming all day.

Cyprus: “Liar” 

This song is more on the pop side and reminds me of many hits that were on the radio in the early 2010s. Singer and performer Silia Kapsis has a fire that is evident through the song lyrics. This song has good vibes that would do well alongside American music while maintaining the essence of Europop. 

Armenia: “Jako” 

My final suggestion is this piece by an upcoming Armenian duo, Ladaniva. The music is authentic with a perfect mix of ethnic sounds and Armenian instruments. The lyrics were made to promote feminism for all young women to be their true selves. The infectious energy and inspiring movements in the song really stand out from the rest. I recommend reading the translation alongside listening to the catchy tune.  

If you enjoy any of these songs, make sure to keep up with Eurovision 2024! Semi-finals will run from May 7-9, and the Grand Final is scheduled for Saturday, May 11.

Nikka Boyle

Northeastern '27

Nikka is a first year student at Northeastern University, studying Media Arts and Media & Film Studies in Boston. She loves concerts, going to the gym, and self care.