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My Favorite Looks From “Next in Fashion” Season 2

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Northeastern chapter.

Contains some spoilers for Season 2 of “Next in Fashion”

As someone who is constantly on Netflix, I have been watching many new shows and seasons recently. One show that has stood out the most to me is “Next in Fashion,” specifically Season 2. Even though I haven’t seen Season 1, the co-hosts Gigi Hadid and Tan France along with the glamorous line-up of guest appearances made me want to dive right in. 

The new season follows 12 emerging, talented designers participating in different themed challenges ranging from upcycled fashion to decades-themed fashion. Each episode includes a mini fashion show with the newly created looks and one elimination. This all leads up to the grand finale where one designer is chosen to collaborate with “Rent the Runway” and create their own mini collection.

Even as someone who has always had an interest in fashion, I wasn’t expecting to be super invested in the show, but I ended up finishing the season in two days (I may or may not have sacrificed some sleep in order to complete it). While the celebrity appearances may have been what initially got me to watch the show, in the end, I kept watching for the talented designers. By the end of the season, I was left feeling inspired to pick up a needle and some thread to make clothes of my own. 

Now, I can’t talk about the show without discussing some of the stunning pieces in the episodes, so here are five of my favorite looks from this season!

Deontré Hancock’s Oversized Puffer Cape

Challenge: Your Version of Royalty

This look from the first challenge of the show was my favorite. Hancock based the look on hip-hop, taking his own twist on royalty. The look featured gold detailing and a puffer cape that really gave it that regal feeling, but I liked how he still brought in his own style as a streetwear designer specializing in menswear. The judges described the look as a blend of avant-garde and couture, and I thought this was an apt summary!

Desyrée Nicole and Nigel Xavier’s Veiled Groom

Challenge: Wear the Earth

My second favorite was the veiled groom look from the “Wear the Earth” challenge. Nicole and Xavier’s collaboration was really well done. I really liked how the tiny flower and plant details sprinkled throughout were what completed the whole look without being overwhelming, and each piece was deliberate. The plants in the veil were cleverly placed as well as the flowers on the front with the moss-covered shoes tying everything together.

Desyrée Nicole’s Repurposed Boxers

Challenge: Met Gala

Nicole’s Met Gala look was another favorite of mine. The concept of taking men’s boxers and transforming them into something new and unexpected really blew me away. She also incorporated a lot of my favorite elements of fashion such as strong shoulders and bold silhouettes. I loved the extra details of having a denim waistband and bell sleeve as well.

Nigel Xavier’s Denim Jersey Look

Challenge: Thrift/Repurpose

Xavier was one designer that consistently brought fresh ideas to each challenge but still always managed to incorporate his own style into each design. This look was one that I thought was simple with a twist. Denim on denim and puffer jackets are both popular elements of streetwear. He took them one step further by cropping the jacket and repurposing a jersey as a statement piece. The pop of yellow under the sleeve and in the inner part of the pants also made the look more impactful along with the mix of fabrics and patterns throughout.

Amari Carter’s Ribbon Dress

Challenge: Met Gala

This last look is more of an honorable mention that I just had to include! Carter took inspiration from menswear bow ties and incorporated her own feminine twist into the look. I loved the idea of having several bows make up the dress and the big bow as a side tail. The judges critiqued that while the concept was nice, there were issues with the construction, and it didn’t feel quite complete. I agree with their callout, but I thought her idea was so stunning and unique that I still fell in love with the design!

It was difficult compiling this list as each designer on the show was so talented and created so many amazing pieces. If you haven’t already, I recommend that you check out these looks on the new season of “Next in Fashion.” Get ready to be inspired, amazed and, at times, moved to tears!

Paula Chung

Northeastern '25

Paula is a second-year media arts major with a minor in graphic and information design at Northeastern University. She is interested in fashion, music, and beauty.