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My Experience of Boston’s Glossier Pop-Up

It’s hard to miss ad after ad on Instagram for the well-known cosmetic brand Glossier. I’ve always wondered what made them so special aside from their pink packaging. When my roommate informed me that they recently opened a pop-up shop in Seaport, the trendy neighborhood located on Boston’s waterfront, I knew I couldn’t miss the chance to see the brand in person in all its millennial glory.

The pop-up spans nine freestanding retail spaces. Some are dedicated to specific lines, such as skincare or makeup, while others are “Shop All,” featuring beautifully displayed spreads of all their products.

The Editors, otherwise known as the workers clad in pink jumpsuits located in each house, were incredibly helpful. They answered my 1,000,001 questions about the products with a smile, and I actually ended up buying a couple things. I ordered the Milk Jelly Cleanser and Mega Greens Galaxy Pack and paid in-store. At the end of my journey through the houses, I picked up my goodies at the Order Pick-up station. Each purchase came neatly packaged in a cute pink pouch with a free moisturizer sample and a Glossier Boston sticker.

Perhaps my favorite part was Generation G, the inevitable photo op. After anxiously waiting in line, I entered the room to find a giant G and a mirror. The room is set up so that patrons can take mirror selfies, reflecting the G. My roommate, however, was nice enough to take pictures for me. I didn’t realize until after I posted one on the ‘gram that the G was backwards but hey, you win some, you lose some.

Although I was expecting a little more from the iconic Glossier, the pop-up was definitely a fun experience and a great way to get people to engage with the brand.

Bonus: after one use of my new Milk Jelly Cleanser, my face feels incredibly soft.

Nia Beckett

Northeastern '22

Nia is a second-year journalism major with a global fashion studies minor at Northeastern University. She loves Carrie Bradshaw, YouTube, and chai tea lattes. Follow her on Instagram @niashalise_.
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