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With all that goes on in the music world each month, we at Her Campus decided to bring you a monthly recap of all the big news that breaks. Here are all the important announcements, dramatic events and breaking news that went down in the month of September!

1. Maroon 5 to perform at the 2019 Super Bowl Halftime Show?



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While it’s not totally official, Maroon 5 is most likely performing during the Super Bowl LIII’s Halftime Show. Despite the band’s success with multiple chart topping singles such as “She Will Be Loved,” “Sugar,” , not everyone was thrilled with the NFL’s choice. With the ongoing controversies in football and politics, the pick was more of a safe play by the NFL committee. Fans, on the other hand, wanted someone who was more with the times in today’s pop culture, but the NFL was more interested in someone who fit their image and political views. There is some speculation, however, that Cardi B and Travis Scott might be joining the lineup, which could spice up the act a bit. This is especially possible considering Cardi B was featured on “Girls Like you” by Maroon 5, a song that reached the top of the charts for six consecutive weeks. However it turns out, we are sure the show will be well worth watching!

2. Lil Xan and Noah Cyrus Broke Up



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Breaking up over text is bad, but breaking up over a meme of Charlie Puth, while having a public Twitter war with each other, is on a whole other level. Yes, this actually happened in September between Lil Xan and Noah Cyrus. Relationships are never easy, especially in the public eye, but most don’t end with this much drama. The awkward part is that they recently co-wrote a song together called “Live or Die.” To add to all of this craziness, Lil Xan was recently hospitalized for eating too much Flaming Hot Cheetos. You hear of crazy stories about artists being cursed (like Post Malone’s near death accidents) and hosting crazy after parties, but this is a first. Despite all of this drama, both artists have released new albums and are currently on tour.

3. Mac Miller was found dead due to an apparent overdose



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September was a very sad month, as the world lost a beloved rapper, singer and record producer. Philly native Malcolm James McCormick, also known as Mac Miller, passed away due to a drug overdose in his Californian home. He had been trying to stay sober for a while, making his death come as a shock for everyone. Mac Miller fostered creativity, positive energy and enthusiasm when it came to music. His work inspired fans and countless artists over the years and will never be forgotten. The announcement of his death caused great sadness, but it also brought to light the struggles that musicians can face in the industry. The glamorization of being in the spotlight doesn’t show the long hours and personal struggles that artists may be be facing. His death should serve as a reminder to be considerate of one another and to get help if you need someone to talk to. You don’t have to go through this alone.

4. Børns was accused of sexual misconduct



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In the past couple of days, Garrett Clark Borns, also known by his stage name,  Børns has faced multiple allegations against him for sexual misconduct. Instead of apologizing to these women and taking the appropriate action in a situation like this, Børns has refuted the claims. Within the midst of the #MeToo movement, a lot of artists have been called out for their wrong doings. Other bands who have faced similar allegations, including The Orwells from Chicago, have disbanded, though they also refuse to own up to their behavior by denying any wrong doings. As musicians have so much influence on fans, they have an obligation to do the right thing. When allegations surfaced online against Ameer Vann, a member of Brockhamptom, the band conducted an investigation and decided to kick him out of the band because of his harmful behavior. It’s disheartening to see fans put so much trust into an artist and for said artist to abuse this trust. Now is the time to change!

5. Brockhampton released a new album



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Speaking of Brockhampton, our boys released a new album. It’s not just another great album, but the bread and butter from their collective of albums. Called “Iridescence,” it received a seal of approval from Matty from The 1975 on Twitter, who tweeted “ Can you make my avi thermal so I can stan I’ve literally been trying for like an hour @kevinabstract.” Brockhampton is a true boy band with an artistic eye – each song is unique in it’s own way, but together they’re a fitting representation of everyone’s work. Songs like “Honey” and “San Marcos” from the new album were so raw, honest and full of untold emotions. When listening to the album, you can hear and feel the presence of each person, and the intensity of the lyrics. If this doesn’t convince you to see them on tour, you are missing out on life lessons and a experience of a lifetime.  

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