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Meet HC Emerson’s Dorienne Davis

As part of the Her Campus National Sister Chapter Program, our chapter at Northeastern was given the opportunity to work with Her Campus Emerson as our sister chapter!  We are really excited about this partnership, so to celebrate it, we decided to highlight some members of the Her Campus Emerson team!

                                                                                                                 Courtesy of Dorienne Davis

Dorienne Davis is a driven first year student attending Emerson for Creative Writing. Dorienne is originally from North Carolina, and is enjoying Boston and all of the exciting new adventures of city life that it has to offer.

What is unique about Emerson College?

Aside from urban life, she appreciates Emerson College itself and all of the unique and ambitious students who have similar interests. When asked what makes Emerson distinct, she says, “I get to be around a group of like-minded people. Everyone here is extremely creative and instead of it being intimidating, it’s great to see everyone work so hard and do so well in a creative field.” Dorienne has integrated herself in the Emerson community as she is an active member of on campus organizations.

Involvement on Campus…

One of the groups that she is excited to be a part of is Her Campus! This is Dorienne’s first semester as a Her Campus writer. Because one of her passions is writing, Dorienne is proud to support and write with other college women. When asked what the best part of being a member of Her Campus is, she says, “Going on the website and seeing a collection of educated and outspoken women is definitely the best part.” In addition to Her Campus, Dorienne advocates for environmental causes. She is an active member of Earth Emerson, rooted in solving global environmental issues. They are currently participating in the movement to divest money from fossil fuel companies, which she is very eager to be involved in. Dorienne has also taken initiative as Vice President of BEE, an Emerson organization actively spreading awareness on apiculture and saving bee populations.

Fun Facts about Dorienne…

In addition to her involvement in the Emerson community, I had the opportunity to learn some interesting facts about Dorienne.

  • Favorite Movie: The Social Network

  • Diet: She is a vegan

  • If she had a magic lamp her three wishes would be: To be polyglot (speak various languages), be able to teleport, and obviously have more wishes

  • Access to a time machine: Go to Woodstock

  • Two highs of the school year: Getting to know new people at Emerson and living in Boston

  • One low of the school year: Sleep deprivation

We wish luck to our fellow Her Campus sister as she continues her journey at Emerson College. Dorienne is looking forward to her Emerson academic experience as she aspires to continue majoring in Creative Writing with a double major in Political Communications. Upon graduating, she would like to pursue a career in creative writing and screenwriting. Hopefully we will see one of her creative pieces soon!

Ariana Matos

Northeastern '21

I am a Northeastern commmunication studies student with a minor in fashion global studies. As a writer correspondent the concentration of my writing are personal reflections on life experiences, fashion, media and culture, food and lifestyle. In addition to being a writer I am a leader for Her Campus NU's Snapchat account.  
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