Meet the #GhostPhotoshootChallenge

Looking for a last-minute way to celebrate the spooky season? Forgot to take pics in your socially distant Halloween fun? Want to keep the Halloween spirit alive after Nov. 1? Look no further than the #ghostphotoshootchallenge!

The ghost challenge appeal goes beyond simplicity. It is the perfect thing to do with friends and has so many cute variations, including ghost pets!

  1. 2. Pet Ghost

    Anyone can do it! Just take a spare bed sheet or towel (it doesn’t even need to be white), cut a pair of eyes, and drape it onto yourself or a pet. For a no-damage option, skip the eye holes and finish with a cool pair of sunglasses. You just put the “boo” in “boom, easy Halloween Instagram pics”!

  2. 3. Photoshoot Compilation

    Wait for the sun to set and take pictures with the flash to give your ghost photoshoot a spooky effect! Some common locations for photoshoots are empty roads with a lot of tall trees, parks, and backyards.

  3. 4. Fun Backgrounds

    You can even add spooky backdrops using other bedsheets or fall decorations.. The most important thing is that you and your friends have fun with it so feel free to get creative. Happy Ghostin’!

  4. 5. Peace Out!