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Meet the E-Board: Emily Feltault

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Northeastern chapter.

Name: Emily FeltaultFrom: Topsfield, MAMajor: Communication Studies with a Businesses Administration minor

How long have you been involved with Her Campus Northeastern?I have been with Her Campus since the first semester of my freshman year

What made you decide to get involved with Her Campus?I wanted to get involved with Her Campus because I had always been involved in journalism throughout my high school career and wanted to continue writing in college. Her Campus seemed to be the perfect way to get involved and improve my writing.

What is your e-board position? How do you like it so far?For the first half of spring semester I was the Senior Editor in charge of proof reading each of the articles for submission and deciding when each one should be published. For the rest of this semester and in the future I will be the Co-President of our chapter with Morgan Weadock. I am unbelievably excited to start in this position and just know it will be a very rewarding and helpful experience.

What do you like to do in your spare time?In my spare time I like to pursue an interest, (although not necessarily a talent), in photography as well as explore the great city of Boston with my friends.

What are your favorite things about Northeastern? About Boston in general?I chose to come to Northeastern for the campus, the coop and the opportunity to be in the city. I cannot wait to apply for and go on my first coop this time next year and feel so lucky to have such an option. When it comes to Boston, I love how united everyone is and how comfortable I feel after having only lived here for a few short months.

What is your dream job?My dream job would be working in Sports Public Relations for a venue, sports team or individual player. The TD Garden or Boston Bruins would be an amazing opportunity and definitely my dream.


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Melanie Dostis


Melanie Dostis is a journalism major at Northeastern University. She has been involved with Her Campus since her sophomore year, being elected co-correspondent her junior year- a position she is thrilled to continue in her last year. She lives a writing-filled life and wouldn't have it any other way. She is currently interning at Boston Magazine and is a correspondent for the Boston Globe and USA Today. She can usually be found back in her home-roots of wonderful New York on weekends, exploring her second home in Boston, or often back in her family roots of Ecuador, gorging on massive amounts of Hispanic dishes....Follow her on Twitter @MelDostis. HCXO!