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A Little Rant on Nick as “The Bachelor”

If you have been following Season 21’s ‘The Bachelor’ for the past 10 weeks then I hope you have been sharing my frustration with Nick Viall.  


How is it even possible for Nick to be so ridiculously stupid to not know when a woman has true affectionate feelings and is ready to devote herself to him?!

I know for a fact that somewhat of the show is scripted but still… Corinne?! Really Nick? Really?!


Every woman who watches this show has to know the pain and annoyance that we all go through as we watch Nick make wrong decision after wrong decision.

I will never understand his decision to send Danielle L home literally right after she professed her love for him. That was when I finally realized what an idiot Nick was.


Why is it that women with such charisma, such talent, and such maturity are sent home each week yet manipulative, close-minded, or sexually provocative women who seem to want Nick’s attention rather than Nick manage to stay?


Nick had thirty women to choose from, which is more than what quite a lot of men are offered in their lifetime, and even with this vast and wonderful opportunity he chose to be ignorant towards women whom he had actual potential with.


I find it frustrating that he was totally fine having tons of group dates with the same repeated women yet didn’t even give a chance to the women who hadn’t been on individual dates with him yet!


The pure frustration of not being able to get any proper alone time and express their personality to Nick is what I assume made Jasmine go psycho on him and Corrine to try and sleep with him!


Honestly, I don’t know what the producer of this show was doing when they decided to select Nick as ‘The Bachelor,’ I hope for everyone’s sake that Rachel proves her title as ‘The Bachelorette’ better than Nick did. (Also, WHY DID HE LET GO OF RACHEL, SHE WAS FREAKING PERFECT?!)



Here’s to hoping he makes his engagement last… 

Rehab Asif

Northeastern '20

Hi, My name is Rehab and I'm a junior at Northeastern University! I'm a Media and Screen Studies major with a minor in Experience Design. Live, Love & Laugh is the motto I always preach!
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