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Congrats collegiettes, you have successfully made it through the semester! Whether you’re already on break or finishing up your last final today, what better way to kick off the summer and celebrate being done with classes than browsing some links?

1. For all of you just finishing freshman year or seniors getting ready to graduate, here are the major differences between freshman year and senior year. So true! (Buzzfeed)

2. Her Campus put together pictures that display Boston standing strong, in memory of the marathon bombings and all of those affected. (Her Campus)

3. Speaking of the tragedy, Buzzfeed also put together a group of pictures that capture the American spirit in the midst of the tragic events in Boston and Texas last week. (Buzzfeed)

4. Most of us were feeling particularly proud of being Bostonions this week. Here are some ways to display your Boston pride on your nails. (Buzzfeed)

5. Whether you want to admit it or not, the internet has completely brainwashed our entire generation. These are 6 emotions that have been invented by the internet. (Cracked)

6. Single? Depressed? Maybe its a good thing. I’d rather be single than be involved in one of these horrific, awkward engagement pictures. (Buzzfeed)

7. This sorority girl from UMaryland was pissed with her chapter’s greek week performance, and let her sisters know in this controversial, yet hilarious e-mail that has now gone viral. (Barstool Sports: Boston)

8. If you’re a sales associate or deal with customer service and you’ve become to hate the general public, join the club. Here are some ways to know if you suck at your job without even realizing it. (Cracked)

9. Celebrities are infamous for choosing the strangest baby names. (Does anyone else feel bad for Blue Ivy?) This is a list of some of the worst celeb baby names. (Buzzfeed)

10. Did you really think we’d go a week without giving you a link about the Disney princesses? You should know us better by now. These are some of the best style tips we’ve learned from our fave Disney gals. (Buzzfeed)

Well, that’s all Huskies! We hope you have a great summer and we’ll see you in the fall. HCXO

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