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Jason Wolf, 2013

Major: Marketing           
Minor:  Mechanical Engineering
Hometown: Wilsonville, Oregon
How I spent my summer vacation:  I couchsurfed through Eastern Europe for a few months, then drove cross-country with Papa Wolf in the ’78 Firebird I rebuilt.
Where you can find me on Saturday night:  Expanding my horizons. Sometimes I try to dance.
Hobbies: Well, I bake a lot of bread. Sometimes I do manly stuff like working on my car… Other times, the Dailypuppy.com.
Where I’ll be in 5 years: Hopefully still in college.
Favorite spot in Boston: Riding the Esplanade on my bike
Worst pickup line I’ve ever used: Parlez-vous francais?
What celebrity I look like: If Michael Cera and Gumby got married and had a child.
Perfect date: Some kind of picnic. I’d make the meal.  I’d probably bake something delicious. It would be cute.  And it’d be somewhere cool-like a hot air balloon.
Interesting fact: :  I was raised on a farm in Oregon, and I grew up riding horses. Also, I’m terrified of snakes. They’re unnatural.

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