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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Northeastern chapter.

Odds are, you’ll find me there. If I had to choose one location where I feel like the happiest, most productive, most inspired and most creative version of myself, it’s inside a coffee shop. If you’re bored of studying on campus or tired of sitting in your dorm all day, I can help you find a change of scenery. I’m here to fill you in on all the best coffee shops to study at that are walkable from Northeastern’s campus! 

1. Jaho Coffee Roaster on Huntington Ave (About a 20-minute walk from campus) 

Listen up, the vibe in here is absolutely immaculate. If you are someone who enjoys a “louder” work environment, this place is a must-visit! Jaho is known for its upbeat vibe — with music by Post Malone, The Weekend and Charlie Puth often playing. The music is louder and more chaotic than in the average cafe, and the ambiance is bright and popping. My favorite spot in this cafe is the high-tops. Their menu is absolutely insane with options ranging from coffee, boba, hot chocolate, tea, salad, sandwiches and even pizza. 

My go-to coffee drinks here: 

  • Large iced latte with almond milk and caramel 
  • Iced coffee with almond milk and sugar-free vanilla 
  • Large hot coffee with just almond milk

2. Caffe Nero in Copley Place (About a 25-minute walk from campus) 

This is one of my favorite places to go to for a cozy study spot — honestly, it’s the best when it’s raining. The shop is quaint and a wonderful place to people-watch. The cafe plays soothing jazz music and has beautiful decor like books from wall to wall, huge windows and pretty decorative lights. One word to describe Nero would be rustic. Their menu is full of authentically made coffees, teas, refreshers and small delicious pastries. Pro-tip: always ask for your coffee “for here” so that you can enjoy it in one of their cute ceramic mugs (it ups the vibes tbh).

My go-to coffee drinks here: 

  • Cold brew with extra almond milk and sugar-free caramel 
  • Caramel latte with almond milk
  • Hot pumpkin spiced latte with almond milk
  • Iced vanilla latte with almond milk 
  • Cappuccino with almond milk

3. Capital One Cafe on Boylston St. (About a 25-minute walk from campus) 

You guys! Don’t sleep on this one; it is so underrated! The vibe is super cozy, especially on a rainy or cloudy day. My favorite spot to study here is next to the windows on the brick-decorated side of the cafe. It’s always lovely to watch people coming and going from Newbury street or leaving work. From this cafe, you can see the rush of Boston, and it’s honestly inspiring. Here, they sell mostly just drinks (made by Peets), but they are so yummy! 

My go-to coffee drinks here: 

  • Large iced latte with caramel, cinnamon and almond milk 
  • Hot macchiato with pumpkin and almond milk

4. Starbucks on Boylston St. (About a 25-minute walk from campus) 

I’m usually not the type of girl who likes to study in a Starbucks, but something about this one is different. The vibe is actually really upbeat and fun, and there’s plenty of space to study in here. The workers are extremely friendly in this location, and they are always a joy to talk to! Also, this Starbucks knows how to decorate for any holiday that is coming up which adds a festive air. I know there are so many delicious Starbucks drinks, but here are my all-time favorites. 

My go-to coffee drinks here: (Not including holiday flavors) 

  • Cold brew with 3 pumps caramel, 2 pumps sugar-free vanilla and almond milk cold-foam 
  • Hot coffee with toffee nut syrup and almond milk 
  • Iced macchiato with caramel sauce and almond milk 
  • Hot latte with cinnamon dolce syrup and almond milk 

5. Render Coffee Shop on Columbus Ave. (15-minute walk from campus) 

Render is a great place to study alone. There’s not much seating, but it’s great for a more isolated environment. Render even has a little outside deck that is beautiful for studying when it’s warm and sunny. They have bagels, a variety of sandwiches, wraps and salads. I’ve actually only been a few times, but here’s what I have gotten! 

My go-to coffee drinks here: 

  • Iced lavender latte with almond milk 
  • Iced drip coffee with almond milk and caramel 
  • Hot salted maple latte 

6. Farmer’s Horse Coffee Shop on Massachusetts Ave. (10-minute walk from campus) 

This is one of those coffee shops I sort of forgot about, but once I went back in, I was simply obsessed. The coziest vibe ever! The seating does fill up fast, but if you can get a spot, it is a great place to bang out some work. They even have a cute outdoor patio where you can hang out weather permitting. Farmer’s Horse has cute and rustic decor and even some board games to play on a nice study break. The food (especially the breakfast) is delish, and the coffees are super flavorful. This cafe really does feel so homey. 

My go-to coffee drinks here 

  • Americano with almond milk and pumpkin 
  •  Iced latte with caramel and almond milk 
  • Macchiato with caramel and almond milk 

7. Thinking Cup on Newbury Street (About a 35-minute walk from campus) 

I know this one is further, but throw on a podcast and stroll down Newbury; the walking is half the fun of going to this coffee shop. The one downside is that Thinking Cup doesn’t give WiFi to their customers unlike all the other coffee shops I have mentioned. But if you have a hotspot on your phone, you’ll be totally fine. The vibe of studying here is immaculate. They have the main seating area with limited tabling, but if you head toward the back of the cafe, they added a room that is dark, cozy and relaxing. I love doing work here because I feel so isolated from the outside world. Thinking Cup has such a large menu: sandwiches, pastries, coffees, teas and more. They even have a gluten-free and dairy-free menu!

My go-to coffee drinks here: 

  • Iced honey cinnamon latte with almond milk 
  • Hazelnut latte with almond milk 
  • Cappuccino with almond milk 

There are so many more coffee shops and cafes that I absolutely adore, but these are just the ones that also happen to be great study spots. Definitely give these a try if you feel that you need a new place to sit down and focus while also enjoying delicious coffee!

Michelle Sylvester

Northeastern '25

Michelle Sylvester is a third year communications and media studies major minoring in psychology. She loves to do her work in coffee shops around Boston, create social media content, journal, watch sunsets, work out, and sing.