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Husky in the Spotlight: Laura Goetz

Name: Laura Goetz  
Hometown: Minneapolis MN  
Year: Middler  
Major: “Marine biology with women’s studies minor”
Where are you going to do your coop?
“Antarctica! Palmer Station specifically.”
What is your position there?
“Research and husbandry assistant for Professor Bill Detrich”
What will you be doing?
Raising Antarctic icefish embryos, in situ hybridizations and dissecting Antarctic icefish for sampling (among other things)”
Why did you choose to apply?
I’ve worked in the Detrich lab for my last co-op and really enjoyed getting involved in the research so this was a logical next step for me. Plus, the opportunity is amazing. The research also really fascinates me the more and more I have become involved.” 
What are you most excited about?
I’m excited to be outside of my comfort zone and to meet new people! Also generally excited about a break from classes.”
What are you most nervous about?
I’m anxious about not seeing my loved ones for so long, but it will be a great growing experience for me.”
Favorite Antarctic animal:
“The Antarctic sea urchin because its larvae are the most efficient organisms on the planet and they also pick up red algae and wear it like a little hat. It’s for protection from sea anemones but I think its very fashionable.”
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