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Husky in the Spotlight: Carter Howe


Name: Carter Howe

Year: 2nd year

Majors: Music Industry and Communications Major

Home: Andover, Massachusetts

                                                                                                                Photo courtesy of Carter Howe

How is it being a second year Music Industry major?

CH: I absolutely love it. I really love it. I was really unsure about my major at first just because I’ve heard that the music industry can be very challenging and kind of a rollercoaster experience. I think that it’s an acquired taste and the people who are cut out for it really, really love it, so I love my major.

What made you want to go into the music business?

CH: I think it started when I was really young. There were a few bands that stuck out to me when I was younger and made huge impressions on me. I just started following them and wondering how they became so popular with certain types of people and how they made a brand for themselves.

What were those bands?

CH: My first favorite band that I ever fell really in love with was Maroon 5, which sounds really cheesy. I think I was 13 or 14 and I fell completely fell for their sound their grungy beginnings. They were all from L.A. and I had this idea of how dreamy it is.

Are you involved in anything on campus?

CH: Yes, I’m involved with a lot of the radio stations and media outlet type organizations like WRBB, Greenline, and Tastemakers. They all have really cool communities that are all passionate about the music industry.

You recently got a job at Interscope Records. What does your job entail?

CH: I am a freelancer for Interscope, which means that they assign me shows or artists that they want photographs for while they’re on tour. Whether that be photograph their show and get portraits or just the live show photos. I just shoot Interscope artists and it’s really exciting to be part of that team.


                                                                                                 Photo Courtesy of Carter Howe

Why are you passionate about photography?

CH: Again it started really young. My grandfather was a photographer and I started to love it because of him. I think I love it so much, especially in music, because it allows me to connect my art with other artists and have them use my art. It’s a really cool way to express myself but I like having that shared meaning through art

What has been your favorite Northeastern experience so far?

CH: My favorite day at Northeastern was in the last week of last semester when my friends and I decided to take hubway bikes and ride around. We went all around Cambridge on those little tourist bikes. It’s just amazing that Northeastern is right in the city, which makes Boston so accessible.


                                                                                                               Photo courtesy of Carter Howe

To see more of Carter’s photography check out her website carterhowe.com/ and follow her on instagram @carterkhowe



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