Husky Graduate in the Spotlight: Mike Sobel

Just because you are going on co-op doesn’t mean you aren’t going to run into people from school. In fact, if you're working in Boston, you will be surprised by how many of your colleagues are actually alumni of Northeastern University. For my first co-op, I got to work alongside people that graduated from Northeastern not all that long ago and who had some great experiences to share.

                                                                                     Courtesy of Victoria Tan

Name: Mike Sobel

Hometown: Monroe, NY

Major and Year of Graduation: Human Resource Management, 2013

What was your favorite class at NU? My Intro to Business class freshman year was my favorite course at NU. I had a great group and we wound up presenting to TJX executives.

Did you go on any co-ops? I did three Co-ops while at Northeastern; they were all great experiences and helped me feel very prepared for post-college life

What were you involved in at NU? The main thing I was involved with was being on the Northeastern Roller Hockey team. I also was involved a bit in WRBB Sports, the NU Honors Program, and worked for my co-op advisor as a Peer Mentor.

What is your favorite memory at NU? My whole experience playing on the NU Roller Hockey team was memorable. The team started my sophomore year and we wound up being extremely competitive, eventually playing for the national championship my senior year. Playing on the team gave me a cool opportunity to go to some great cities and play hockey – we traveled to play teams in Florida, South Carolina, Louisiana, and Utah.

Word of advice to freshmen on campus: Go to a bunch of different club meetings – you’ll likely meet people you otherwise wouldn’t have and most club meetings have free pizza

Where are you now? I manage the Summer Internship and Co-op Programs for State Street in Boston and live in Brookline.

Best piece of advice you ever received: Never be afraid to ask questions

Fun fact about yourself: I had never been to Boston before coming to Northeastern for orientation

Top three favorite musicians (bands/artists): The Wonder Years, Frightened Rabbit, and The Ballroom Thieves

Favorite place in Boston: TD Garden – I’m a big fan of going to hockey and basketball games

Best ice cream in town: J.P. Licks

Favorite place on campus: Chicken Lou’s