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How To Make A Bubble Bath For Your Brain 

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Northeastern chapter.

Last semester, I took a public health course. The content of this course was easy to digest compared to the more intense sciences I was also enrolled in. My classmates had similar feelings. One of them explained that, to him, this class felt like a “bubble bath for his brain.” I had never heard of such a perfect term to describe how this class made me feel in contrast to the other stressors I was managing. This concept inspired me to put together a list of my favorite ways to make a bubble bath for my brain, so here are a few examples.

  1. Podcasts: Podcasts are one of my favorite ways to turn my brain off when I have the time. They are specifically perfect for multitasking with other mindless activities. You can give your brain a break while still accomplishing something productive or necessary. For me, listening to comedy podcasts that cover lighthearted content makes for the best break from stressful classes or an intense work schedule. My top three choices are “Brooke and Connor Make A Podcast,” “The Basement Yard” and “Bellied Up.”  I turn my daily tasks into mini breaks for my brain by listening to these while I walk to campus, go grocery shopping or even just fold laundry. Whatever genre a podcast (or even an audiobook) might be for you, letting your brain go to a different place and get lost in the storyline, running jokes or intriguing narratives of your favorite podcasts during your daily routines lets your brain rest from your busy schedule. 
  1. Movies and Shows: For a less active version of media consumption, I look to movies and shows that let my brain fall into the characters and disregard other worries for an episode or two. When it comes to this type of brain bubble bath, I let myself indulge in guilty pleasures, specifically rom-coms, sitcoms and romantic dramas. I am talking about movies like “Bridget Jones’s Diary” or shows like “The Summer I Turned Pretty.” It’s cinema that I would never tell anyone else I’m watching, but I secretly love the drama. Another approach to this is the buddy version, which means finding a friend to watch with. Taking a break from reality together is a way to surround your brain with pink soapy bubbles without the guilt factor because your friend is taking a well-deserved break too. 
  1. Activities or Hobbies: While this may seem obvious, taking the time to immerse yourself in something you enjoy is often an overlooked concept. Relieving stress may require a more active approach than just watching your favorite show or laughing along to a comedy podcast. Sometimes your brain truly needs a good scrub! My best suggestion for this would be practicing the hobby that takes your brain out of the chaos and settles you nicely into the present moment. For example, my hobby is rock climbing because, when I’m on the wall, the only thing I can focus on is my next move or else I will physically fall. While I have an intense approach, anything you love to do from running to yoga to cooking to writing can be a healthy way to wash off the mayhem of the world and refocus yourself. Of course, there are always acts like journaling, meditating and other therapeutic practices that can really deep clean your cerebrum as well.
  1. Food and Drinks: Lastly, I just want to touch upon some snacks that bring me the same luxurious joy as a bubble bath would. I am talking about a food or drink that has nothing to do with any planned meals for the day and maybe even holds no nutritional value but does bring you joy to eat. Personally, I do not enjoy cooking as a hobby, but there are a few items that bring me indescribable joy. For me, these items are any flavor of olives, the baked garlic bread from Target specifically and the Stok Not Too Sweet Cold Brew. Taking a moment to provide your body with the nourishment of a food or drink that you truly enjoy gives your brain the fuel it needs to keep going. Packing your favorite snack to eat in between classes or treating yourself to your go-to coffee order is taking care of your brain by tending to the unique tastes you enjoy. 

While the idea of a bubble bath for your brain might sound silly, the idea of self-care is not. So many college students suffer from burnout and over-stressing themselves, which may ultimately impact their academic pursuits. Taking a little time to let your brain relax is crucial to your college career because it is crucial to your well-being. Many college students may feel guilty taking a break because they feel they are not being productive enough, not participating in more clubs or not constantly improving their resumes; however, the key of this brain bubble bath is to take yourself out of that commotion for a minute and reconnect with the things that bring you joy. When you take this step back, everything tends to come back into perspective. When you give yourself the grace to pause your day and have a pink, rose-scented bubble bath for your brain, you step out refreshed and squeaky clean, ready to tackle the next thing on your to-do list. 

Jane Richards

Northeastern '25

Hey!! My name is Jane, I am currently a Junior at Northeastern University studying Health Science on the Pre-Nursing Track. I am super interested in women’s health and substance use disorder Nursing. Aside from medicine, I enjoy reading, writing ,horse-back riding, and rock climbing.