How to Overcome College Senioritis

The spring semester has finally arrived, and for any fourth and fifth years graduating in May, this is your last semester! Congratulations, all your hard work has finally paid off, and the countdown toward Commencement 2019 is just a little over 100 days away.


But before we can look forward to the day where President Aoun shakes our hand and gives us our degrees, we still have to get through the rest of the semester. Here’s a few steps to beating senioritis in order to give you that one last push.


1. Don’t procrastinate


It’s so easy to push off that assignment, deadline, or job application and save it for another time, but the best thing to do is keep yourself on a schedule. Get a planner and manually write down everything you need to do in order to keep yourself on track.


2. Think about what happens next


We all received this dreaded question over the holidays: “So, what are your plans after graduation?” Although scary and daunting, it’s best to have an idea for future plans. Whether it’s graduate school, working/volunteering or studying for placement tests, try to find some time to decide what you want to do with your degree and make the most of it!


3. Believe that you’re almost done


Just remember: you are SO CLOSE to being done with school! You’ve worked so hard to get where you are now, so don’t let all your all-nighters in Snell go to waste!


4. Take care of yourself


With graduation approaching, it’s hard to juggle your classes, capstone, and mental and physical health with coordinating your graduation schedule with family and friends. Finishing a chapter of your life can be exciting and overwhelming, but it’s important to prioritize your own well-being. Take some time in between all the chaos to unwind, whether it be bingeing a few episodes of your favorite TV show or putting on a face mask.


5. Look back on how far you’ve come


College is a rollercoaster filled with ups and downs. As you’re approaching the finish line, think back at all the good memories you’ve made in these past four or five years, and know that the future has so much more in store.