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How About We….

So you finally meet a worthy guy, exchange contact information and then get the ever obscure “we should go out sometime” or “we should do something soon.” As if figuring out a date idea for a guy you’ve met in real life isn’t enough, the awkwardness and pressure is maximized in the online dating realm when you don’t even know a person and have to plan a date with them.

Luckily, newly popular website “HowAboutWe” (howaboutwe.com) skips the awkward step and lets you choose a date with a guy (or girl) based on a date idea he (or she) has posted.  Unlike traditional online dating, users aren’t advertising themselves so much as they are advertising a fun experience which seems to be the draw.   The site claims, “HowAboutWe is all about wonderful people (like you) going on awesome dates. Playful dates. Cultured dates. Magical dates. Surprising dates. You say, “How about we…” and fill in the dots with the dates you want to go on.”

Aaron Schildkrout and Brian Schechter started HowAboutWe in order to create a dating site they would actually use.In contrast to similar websites, users don’t primarily screen potential partners based on their pictures, background information, education and all the other “important” information. Instead, they can quickly discover that there is someone else in the Boston area who wants to discuss Dante’s Inferno over cannolis in the North End or spend the afternoon at the Museum of Science debating modern art.
With a simple search of zip code, age preference, sexuality and gender preference, and category, users are presented with an array of date ideas which all begin with “How about we….”  Recent posts for the 20-23 age range within 10 miles of the 02115 area code ranged from typical first dates to more creative ideas:
How about we…teach each other a foreign language over tea. Then have a loud argument that sounds like it’s in that language.
How about we…play 3D dodgeball on trampolines at Skyzone?
How about we…pretend humans and dinosaurs roamed the earth together by looking at dinosaurs at the Museum of Science and getting grog at Dante afterward.
How about we…go skiing!

Users have the option to “star” a date so it’s flagged for later, play matchmaker for a friend, let the poster know “I’m intrigued,” or actually take initiative and respond to the post.  Each user also has a profile to view, including mostly humorous questions including:
-My life history in five sentences of fewer.
-A story you should remind me to tell you on our first date.
-Obscure knowledge I possess.
-What I would bring to show and tell.
One thing my mother would want you to know about me
The “HowAboutWe” blog has articles with tips as “10 Coffee Shop Pick Up Strategies” and “Fun and Fearless Eat-With-Your-Hands Dates.” The site also includes a page full of date ideas for tentative users. Even if you aren’t looking to meet someone online, the page is helpful for coming up with date ideas for a relationship you are already in or one you are trying to start with the cute guy in your Psych class.

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