HC x Primark Student Night 2019

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

On Oct. 16, Primark hosted its annual Her Campus x Primark Student Night at its flagship location in Downtown Crossing, Boston. Students from universities across the city — and even from around the country (peep the Indiana University entry I saw at the sign-in) — flocked to the massive four-story building. From the outside alone, where blue lights illuminated the downtown streets, I knew this event was one to be excited for. At the entrance, I was greeted by a table of HerCampus employees who proceeded to hand me a tote bag containing my own Primark gift card. The tote bag itself was enough to make me shop there: its minimalist rose-carving design was an absolute aesthetic. There was also an opportunity to enter a raffle to win a gift card — the box slowly filled up throughout the night. 

As a guide to the event, there was a banner that displayed which event was on each floor. Contrary to my understanding, there were three floors of the store actually dedicated to the event. The first floor served as a check-in and goodie bag distribution, the second floor had a personalization station and a table consisting of dozens of decorated sugar cookies and pins to decorate the tote bags, and the third floor featured a beauty bar and photo station filled with balloons where students could fulfill their photo-op desires (but in my opinion, the neon lights next to the escalator were Instagrammable enough to make me snap a picture right there).

Photo courtesy of Sreya Katabathuni

Now to talk about the actual amenities of the stores. Quite frankly, I spent most of my time browsing all the different face masks. For once, I didn't have to worry about breaking my bank due to the gift card!

I also enjoyed walking around the store to the tunes of the two DJs on the first two floors. I’ve always been a sucker for trendy, affordable fashion so I definitely spent my time on these two floors surveying the latest trends in style. Luckily, and while this more of an obscure detail, there were also pay stations on multiple floors so shoppers didn't have to go back to the first floor to pay. The complementary beauty stations were also a nice surprise, especially if you’re not the type to pay $100 for a full face of makeup. 

P.S.: There was a massive Harry Potter section towards the back, so if you’re a Potterhead like me (more specifically, a Hufflepuff), make sure to check that out!

Photo courtesy of Sreya Katabathuni

There wasn’t a single moment of the night that wasn’t Instagrammable. Unfortunately, that meant I took way too many pictures (luckily for you, though, I won’t be sharing all of them). While I didn’t use the gift card at the event, I do plan on coming back in the future with a friend and modeling all the clothes Primark has to offer. Plus, now that I know the T is nowhere near as scary as I thought it’d be, I’m much more confident in my transportation skills. The event allowed me to get a much bigger feel for Primark and, no shade, replace Forever 21 as my fashion retailer. So, I encourage everyone to check out the event the next time it comes by!