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Greg Skloot: President of NU Entrepreneurs Club

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Northeastern chapter.

Earlier this winter the NU Entrepreneurs Club hosted someone very important to Her Campus Northeastern — Annie Wang, one of the fabulous co-founders of Her Campus! Since then we’ve wanted to know more about one of Northeastern’s biggest clubs. That’s why Greg Skloot, a business major from Armonk, NY, and the president of NU Entrepreneurs, is this week’s Campus Celeb.

How did you get involved with the club?
I got involved with the club during my freshmen year. It was tiny back then and I wandered into a meeting by accident. When they found out I knew how to make websites, they convinced me to make the club site. The next year I became the first IT Director, the following year I took on responsibility for the club’s largest program, the Husky Startup Challenge, and now in my 4th year I was promoted to President. I am responsible for leading a team of 20 student executives, 5 different club programs for a $25,000 budget. Our club is ranked the #6 college entrepreneurship club in the world, sitting among titans like Yale and Oxford. We have around 100 students coming out to our weekly meetings and hundreds more engaged in all of our different programs.

What do NU Entrepreneurs do in meetings?
Every meeting is a blast! We invite inspiring speakers like the CEO of Au Bon Pain, do fun entrepreneurial skill building activities like pitch competitions, and give an opportunity for our members to network and meet future partners to build exciting ventures with. We also have dinner together at every meeting (free pizza!)

What were some fun fundraisers and events you held this year?
We’ve had a ton of exciting events this year. Aside from our weekly get-togethers on Tuesdays at 6pm in 150 Dodge, we just had Demo Day, a science fair style exposition of 17 new student-led startup companies and awarded $3,000 in cash prizes to the top three. We invited over 40 low income high school students to campus for 3 engaging workshops to teach them about entrepreneurship and we even had a promotional event where we locked Drew D’Agostino (the guy who made the Northeastern State of Mind video) in a homemade 10’ x 10’ glass box in the middle of the freshmen quad for 24 hours.

What’s the goal of the club?
The Entrepreneurs club is all about helping students discover what they are passionate about and build something from nothing. This could mean starting their own business and being CEO before they turn 21 or developing an awesome marketing campaign that builds a brand on campus. We are all about taking action, starting companies and ultimately having a good time with a great, supportive community at Northeastern and in Boston.


Has anyone that’s been a part of NU Entrepreneurs started a company or done anything with their experience?
Absolutely! Many of our members run companies as students at Northeastern. Julian Jung is a leader at the first student-run real estate agency in Boston, Hodara Real Estate Group. Wells Riley is the CEO of Bionic Hippo, a creative design firm. Zach Ferland is the founder of Zeemore, a mobile application to help you find others around you to hang out with. Jacob Mulligan leads a branch of a house painting company. Our last two presidents co-founded Zazu, an Android app that is the smartest damn alarm clock. And that is just to name a few!

Find out more by visiting the NU Entrepreneurs Club Facebook Page

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