"The Good Doctor" Review


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The media has been known to produce television series that centralize the life and work of doctors and surgeons. ER, Grey’s Anatomy, and Scrubs are a few of the many medical themed shows that have aired on television. The ABC network has recently added to the array of doctor oriented shows by releasing The Good Doctor on September 25 of this year. Although the series is new, it shows a lot of promise as producers and directors have created a new lens on who can be a successful and ideal doctor.

The Good Doctor follows Shaun Murphy, a young and promising surgeon who has begun his residency at the San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital. In the first scene, audiences are instantly exposed to the excellence and cleverness of Shaun as he saves an injured young boy. Along with his heroic efforts and his obvious skills, the show addresses Shaun’s autism and Savant syndrome, allowing him to have remarkable capabilities beyond that of the average person, or surgeon. In the first episode, viewers witness the controversy of Shaun’s admittance to the hospital as a surgical resident who suffers from autism. However, the most admirable quality of the series is Shaun’s talent and astounding thought process and how he proves to those in the hospital who doubt him that he is capable of being a good doctor who can offer endless care to his patients.

It’s not too late to the start watching The Good Doctor series as it is only on its fourth episode! Tune in on Monday nights at 10/9c to see the making of another doctor drama hit.


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