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Get Caffeinated: Northeastern’s Guide to Finding Coffee on Campus

As finals loom above our heads this week, the time to finish projects, research papers and prepare for class presentations is diminishing rapidly, one day at a time. Exhaustion is setting in, which is why many collegiettes™ like myself turn to caffeine for that extra jolt of energy to get through the morning, afternoon, entire day or even that all-nighter in Snell.

Often, as we stress out about finding a final source for our 15-page papers, we don’t always think with a level head about what venue nearby is best to get our caffeine fix. So we’ve decided to provide you with a helpful guide of where to get coffee, based on your on campus location.

Are we helpful, or are we helpful?

Near International Village  
1. Peet’s Coffee & Tea 

Located on the far side of International Village (on Tremont Street) next to Jamba Juice, this venue often gets overlooked—but shouldn’t! There are comfortable tables and couches, perfect for studying or taking a reading break in between classes while you sip your coffee, tea, espresso or latte.
Located at 1175 Tremont Street

2. Dunkin’ Donuts in Ruggles
It may be just a tiny booth, but they carry all the essentials—coffee, lattes, dunkaccino, and most importantly, breakfast sandwiches and chocolate chip muffins. Whether you’re headed to class in Ryder from IV, or ready to jump on the Orange Line, this six-by-six square-foot shop has got you covered.
Located in Ruggles Station, 249 Ruggles Street

Walking through Centennial Quad
1. Dunkin Donuts in Shillman
You can always expect a line at this Dunkin Donuts location roughly 20 minutes before and after any class starts. But it’s right there, and hard to pass by when you have a class in 420SH. If you’re headed to a class in IV from this area, bypass the Shillman location and use the Ruggles location. And don’t forget—gingerbread coffee is now being served! Yum.
Located in Shillman Hall’s Cyber Café

2. Wollaston’s in West Village
Serving New England coffee, Wollaston’s isn’t a terrible place to get your cup o’ joe. With self-service, it’s also quicker than waiting in line at any Dunks or Starbucks.
Located at West Village B

In Snell
1Argo Tea

A new addition to NU, this is the only location of Argo Tea in New England, occupying the space that was formerly the Cyber Café. Not only does it serve go-to drinks (regular coffee and tea), it also features natural, healthy signature drinks like Tea Sangria, Bubble Tea and Red Velvet smoothies. Plus, you don’t even have to leave Snell to get there—just be sure to take your laptop with you when you order.
Located on the ground floor of Snell Library

Near Krentzman Quad

1. Dunkin Donuts in Richards
Wait, isn’t it the “NU People’s Plaza” now, or something like that due to Occupy NU? We’re not sure. Regardless, if you’re walking through the area, you can stop at the Dunkin Donuts in Richards Hall. Sure, the line is almost always out the door—but it’s DUNKIN! It keeps you running! So get there fifteen minutes before class and beat the rush—you’ll be glad you did!
Located in Richards Hall

Near the Freshman Dorms (Speare, White Hall, Stetson East & West)
1. Wollaston’s at Marino Center
Much like the Wollaston’s in West Village, this convenience store also has a selection of various New England coffees (the options may vary a bit each day) but is a quick and affordable option.
369 Huntington Avenue, attached to the Marino Center

2. Au Bon Pain

Even though we have trouble pronouncing its name sometimes, Au Bon Pain has everything you need to get you through an 8am class or a midnight study session: bagels, muffins, croissants, breakfast sandwiches, and best of all, CAFFEINATED DRINKS! And if you’re feeling really ambitious, you can work out at Marino before or after your coffee consumption. Win-win-win.
369 Huntington Avenue, attached to the Marino Center

In Curry Student Center
1. Starbuck’s in CSC
Who doesn’t love a Starbucks? Since CSC is a perfect place to study or meet with group members, so it only makes sense that you can get your skinny vanilla latte or pumpkin coffee craving curbed here.
Located in AfterHours in CSC

2. On the Go in CSC
It’s no Starbucks, but it’s quick, serve-yourself, and convenient. Typically, you can choose from several available flavors (that vary day-to-day) or fill your travel mug with hot water and a tea bag. If you’re looking for study snacks to go with your caffeine, this is the perfect place to go.
Located on the ground floor of CSC

Studying off campus on Hemingway, St. Stephen or Huntington
1. Panera Bread
Soup, sandwiches, salads and coffee? Sign us up. Panera even has a special Espresso section of their menu (think pumpkin spice latte, caffé mocha and caramel latte) along with an “iced drinks” section featuring iced chai tea lattes and iced green tea.
Located at 289 Huntington Ave

2. Espresso Royale Coffee (ERC)
If you like your mug heavy on the hipster, this is the place to go. Their food is pretty awesome too—think breakfast sandwiches, delicious bagels, etc.—so you can get a kick-ass meal to go with your cup of joe.
Located at 44 Gainsborough Street

3. Starbucks on Huntington

Similar to the CSC Starbucks, this Starbucks is a good place to hit on your way to the Prudential Center, Mass Ave or some shopping on Newbury.
Located at 273 Huntington Ave

4. Dunkin Donuts on Huntington
This DD has a shorter line than its Shillman location and a bigger selection than the Ruggles location—but is in a less convenient location. Still got those chocolate chip muffins, though!
Located at 283 Huntington Ave

Where do you go for your caffeine fix? Comment and let us know!

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