First Week of Classes as Told by DC Superheros

It’s back to school again, and you know what that means.



For all of my fellow second years out there--and even any third, fourth, or fifth years--we’ve already gone through this college thing for one year, and we feel a bit above it all.


All the freshman are on campus. (Was it always this crowded?)


The squad’s back together again, and classes don’t even exist.


Where’s the best place to take pictures again?


We go back to Pavement and Render ASAP. (Coffee coffee coffee.)


Then the first day of classes is upon us.


Things are getting thrown at us left and right.


We feel like we’re getting stabbed through the chest.


All we can think about is going back to the beach.


But classes are in session which means homework and that means no beach.


We walk into our first class and finish our first week, and all of a sudden the world stops. You realize that the engineering course load is scary.


Don’t worry. We can still take a break now and then.


Remember, we’ve played this game, and we’re getting pretty good at it.


Only a couple more semesters, right?


It’ll go by in a flash.