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The Fashion Society’s 3rd Annual Designer Showcase

One of my favorite things about fashion is how versatile and customized it is. Every individual has their personal style while every designer has a creative vision they inspire to bring to life through their clothes. Attending the Designer Showcase was an amazing experience, especially getting to see and meet different designers who were truly passionate about fashion and embracing eccentric styles.

This past Friday, Northeastern’s Fashion Society hosted its 3rd Annual Designer Showcase in the Curry Student Center Ballroom. The Designer Showcase is an event where both local designers and student designers are invited to represent their brands. The trends ranged from upcycled clothing, screen printed designs, apparel, reworked vintage pieces, to completely handcrafted clothes. Students, professors, and the public were all present at the event, shopping for new styles and also just talking to the designers about their brands. Some of the brands and designers at the event were All Mankind is Stupid (@allmankindisstupid), Ferocious Clothing (@ferociousclothing), Almighty Above All (@almightyaboveall), Rebecca Parker (@r.m.parker), and Unamused Apparel (@unamused.apparel).

Having attended the event with two of my friends who are extremely avid fashion lovers, it was fun to just walk around the showcase and browse the different pieces. We were fascinated by how each designer was able to customize so many different pieces of clothing while still giving them all the same vibe. Being able to see the talent of these designers and how they were able to transform ordinary pieces of fabric, such as a yard of denim, into a two-piece jacket and pant set was incredible. 

My favorite part of the event was probably getting to speak to the designers. The best part? Being able to see how happy it made the designers when you complimented their work or appreciated their craft. In a world of fast fashion, it can be hard to be seen as a visionary stylist so it was heartwarming to see how passionate these designers were about their work. To each of them, their items are more than just pieces of clothing—they are works of art.  Through this experience, I believe it is very important to shop and support local designers who are just starting out and creating high-quality pieces over corporations who just crank out cheap products.

Whether you have a deep interest in fashion or are just curious to see what local designers create, I would highly recommend that you attend the Designer Showcase next year and see the amazing creations being displayed.

Jessica Brite

Northeastern '23

Jess is a second-year journalism major with a double minor in communications and global fashion studies at Northeastern University. Born and raised in NYC Jessica enjoys all things fashion, beauty (she even has a beauty account on ig @makeupby.jessb), lifestyle and music!
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