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Drew D’Agostino

This week’s Campus Cutie has been blowing up YouTube and Facebook feeds all over campus with his video “Northeastern State of Mind” a Husky spoof of the popular “Empire State of Mind.”  Drew is also the founder of GoRomeo.com, a site that connects boys with writers who will handcraft original poems and cards for their  girlfriends. 
Major:  Entrepreneurship & Marketing?
Minor: Political Science?
Hometown: Sayville, NY
How I came up with idea for GoRomeo: Two of my friends asked me to write poems for their girlfriends for Valentine's Day, and I thought it was weird at first, but did it for them. Their girlfriends loved it (I still don't know if they knew someone else wrote the poem ;), so I thought, this can work as a business.
Favorite article of clothing: I've rocked this leather hat since freshman year of high school, so about 7 years now.
Where you can find me on Saturday night: Usually trying to create something new, or creating some musical fusion with people. Sometimes at comedy clubs and concerts. I'm not too much of a partier. 
Hobbies: Songwriting, performing, writing, starting businesses, having meaningful conversations, hiking/climbing, running far
5 things I can't live without: My guitar, Macbook, Bible, Real love, Change
Where I'll be in 5 years: Living a wholesome, fulfilling life somewhere. I have no idea where or what yet, but I'm excited for it. Probably in my own business or music.
Favorite Spot in Boston: Improv Asylum, hands down.
Worst pickup line that has been used on me: I really don't remember ever having this happen to me. Am I missing something here?
My celebrity look a like: People have said Joe Girardi
Favorite Spot in the World:I've climbed to the top of Breakneck Ridge a few times in Upstate NY, and it's surreal being up there. I haven't been to these places, but I think I will love them - Chile and Iceland.
The most embarrassing thing I'm willing to admit on the Internet: I have an intense fear of large rodents.
Perfect Date: The one that lasts a lifetime.
Interesting/fun fact: I play the banjo.
What I notice first about a girl: If she says "Hi" or looks away. That's huge.

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