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Collegiette™ Couponing

A new school year brings new friends, new classes, new possibilities…and new expenses. Along with ridiculously priced textbooks, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the mounting costs of various things you actually want to buy (unlike that $200 biology book.)

Thankfully, the fact that we are all drowning in student loans is the very thing that qualifies us for some pretty significant discounts on clothes, food, and other things more worthy of your dollar than an overpriced graphing calculator.
Here are a just a few places where your Husky Card will allow you to gain more than access to Snell and Marino.
1. Retailers.
A lot of your favorite shopping destinations offer collegiette™ discounts, even if they may not make it known to their customers. Stores like J. Crew, Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, Ralph Lauren Rugby and Club Monaco all offer 15-20% off your purchase with a valid student ID card. Make your way to the Pru or Newbury Street for these offers.
2. Salons.
It’s not always easy to keep up with a cut and color routine on a student budget. Check out these nearby salons and enjoy a student discount on salon and spa services: Bliss Spa, La Dolce Vita and SalonCapri.
3. Electronics.
If you didn’t already know, major technology companies, like Apple, offer generous student discounts. If you’re in the market for a new Macbook this semester, make sure you visit the Apple store on Boylston Street and save $200 off a computer purchase. With the purchase of any student-bought computer, Apple also hands over $100 redeemable in their App Store.
4. Entertainment
Boston is known as College City, USA for good reason. At any given moment, there are a number of ways to keep busy and find something interesting to do. Check out the nearest movie theater (Fenway Regal Cinema) for student discounts or special deals. Our neighbor on Huntington Ave, The Museum of Fine Arts, offers free admission to undergraduate Northeastern students with a valid ID.
Of course, a lot of popular vendors accept your Husky Card in lieu of cash or credit. From Starbucks to Conor’s, your NEU student ID is valid at dozens of locations near campus.
If you haven’t already, make sure you’ve signed up for rewards programs at places like Shaw’s, CVS and Panera. Nothing brightens your day quite like a free coffee or $5 Extra Bucks.
No matter how bad your picture may be, make sure you flash that Husky Card wherever you go to keep your budget balanced this semester!

Photo courtesy of: couponfactory.blogetry.com

Lauryn is a senior at Northeastern University majoring in journalism. She has written for Boston.com as well as the HC branch at Northeastern. Lauryn is also a teaching assistant for International Affairs students at Northeastern. In May and June of 2011, she embarked on a reporting trip to the Middle East, where she mastered the art of "man on the street" reporting and gained a new appreciation for falafel. In her spare time, Lauryn enjoys writing, walking around Boston aimlessly, traveling and a unhealthy obsession with her Kindle. She loves eating, French bulldogs and Anderson Cooper. After graduation, she hopes to pursue a career in foreign correspondence or magazine journalism. You can follow her on Twitter @laurynpaiva.
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