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College Fashion Week Hits Boston!

Upgrade your life – who wouldn’t want to do that? That was the theme of this year’s College Fashion Week, an event hosted by Her Campus – and the hub was the first stop on the glamorous list. The event took place at The Estate, a chic nightclub in the theatre district that was transformed into the perfect place for a fashion show complete with a runway, disco ball, and a fully stocked bar (only if you’re 21+, of course!).

Walking up the stairs to the second floor revealed the much anticipated goody bags a.k.a. “College Survival Kits”. These kits were stocked with anything a collegiette would ever need from hair products, to coupons, to organic protein shakes, tons of sample products from U by Kotex and so much more! After grabbing a tote bag of goodies, chips with salsa or guacamole were given out from Chipotle, and after that, (drum roll please)… FREE Pinkberry! On the way back down, there was a candy bar loaded with gumballs and candy galore.

After stuffing my face and feeling like I just ate enough carbs and sugar for the century, the fashion show began. It started off with class wear, where students from BU, BC, and of course, yours truly, Northeastern modeled in this season’s cutest clothes for class. After seeing that, I will never again have an excuse to wear sweats to class… maybe.

Next was gym wear, and as HC co-founder, Windsor, so wittily put it, you can be a gym rat without being gym ratty. Our very own HC Northeastern staffer Erin Kany modeled cute gray leggings and a pink zip-up jacket.

The third scene was weekend wear. The girls modeled any outfit you would possibly need on the weekends from a party, to dinner with your parents, to a comfy outfit for those lazy Sunday afternoons.

The fourth and final scene was formal wear, where again Erin modeled an adorable black jumper and heels! Cocktail dresses and gowns were also modeled by other students from Boston.

In between each scene was a performance by students from each school. BU’s male a capella group, The Dear Abbey’s, serenaded the audience not once, not twice, but THREE times. And Northeastern was beautifully represented by our NuRize Dance Company girls!

This was a night not only full of free stuff and fashion, but one for fellow collegiettes to unwind and have some fun. If you didn’t make it this year – make sure you don’t miss out next year!

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