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Burning Questions After Watching The Bachelor

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Northeastern chapter.

Before this semester, I had never watched The Bachelor. Now, the show is a Monday night staple for my roommate and I. We’re only a few episodes in, but I already have so many questions (I’ve limited myself to 25).

1.     Is delusional a requirement for getting on this show?


2.     Wouldn’t these girls have better odds at finding love online (or anywhere besides this show and maybe a convent)?

3.     Is Kale a legitimate name for a child?

4.     What’s with the ‘e’ in this girl’s name?

5.     Does karaoke ever lead to anything good?

6.     Wasn’t Britt’s rose withered a few seconds ago?

7.     Is the Kate Gosselin haircut in style again?

8.     Did Ashley just steal a line from Shrek?

9.     What is so special about a pomegranate?

10.  How was Tara still standing at this point?

11.  And how on earth did she manage to get a rose?

12.  Who really makes the decisions here: Chris or the producers?

13.  And how do they decide which girls get to stand close to Chris in all these photoshoots?

14.  Was allowing Kimberly to stay really a precedent this show wanted to set?

15.  What do the girls do when they’re not on a date with Chris?

16.  And why do they say weird things when they finally do spend time with him?

17.  Who lets their kids roll two strangers around in an inflatable ball in Costco?

18.  What happened to all that ketchup?

19.  Why can’t Jimmy Kimmel appear in every episode?

20.  Why are the girls so surprised that Chris will be there soon? Isn’t his presence the point of the show?

21.  Were we really supposed to believe that two strangers who crashed an intimate wedding AND talked to the bridal party wouldn’t get caught?

22.  Will we ever see Jillian without that black bar?

23.  Why is this show so long?

24.  Can Chris just marry Britt and be done with all this?

25.  Should I reference this show at work tomorrow?

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Morgan is currently a third year at Northeastern University in Boston working towards a degree in Finance and a dual minor in Economics and Political Science. She is the co-president and Campus Correspondent for the Northeastern Her Campus Chapter and also involved with Alpha Kappa Psi and Streak Media. Morgan is originally from NJ and despite popular sentiment believes it to be the best state in the country. Her interests include cooking things that don't look as pretty as they did on Pinterest, reading while drinking tea, going to the beach, fitness and nutrition, and Netflix binging (: