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If there’s one thing I’ve learned so far in college, it’s that college kids and Bostonians LOVE brunch.


It doesn’t matter whether it’s pouring rain…



Or there’s ten feet of snow…



The streets of Boston will always be packed on a Sunday morning with hungry and hungover young adults.



But if you’re tired of waiting 45 minutes to eat overpriced eggs and watered-down Bloody Mary’s…



We’ve found your new favorite brunch place!


This summer, the Her Campus CCs visited TGI Friday’s to try out their new brunch menu and hear all about their new offerings for college students! We also talked to Matt Durbin, the Vice President of Concept Development, and Larry Doyle, the Senior Director of Global Culinary Development.


They told us that TGI Friday’s has been in Boston for over 30 years, and they’ve seen the need for an affordable but delicious brunch option for college students. Some of the standouts on their new menu include the Bucket of Bacon, which is pretty self-explanatory, and the Bears ‘n’ Berries Waffles, which is waffles topped with fruit and teddy grahams! They’ve also taken the Bloody Mary to the next level with their AbsoBloodyLutely Mary, which is served with fries, wings, and a slider. When we went in, we tried the Bloody Mary, the Bears ‘n’ Berries Waffles, and the Florentine eggs!



In addition to all their amazing new menu options, TGI Friday’s in Roxbury Crossing is also offering different events every night, ranging from trivia to live music!



Get more info on tgifridays.com or go in and find your new favorite brunch dish at 1626 Tremont St!

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