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Beantown Breakdown of the Best Manicures in Boston

Every collegiette™ loves a good manicure and pedicure on a Sunday afternoon. It’s the perfect way to relax after a hectic week filled with classes, co-op, homework, and jobs. But with the wide variety of nail salon options around Northeastern, you might end up feeling completely lost when deciding which to visit. Since no one wants to end up with a manicure and pedicure they could have done better themselves, we’ve reviewed 4 Northeastern area salons for you so you’re prepared next time you’re ready for a spa day.

Ruby’s Nail Salon and Spa 333 Mass Avenue
This best thing Ruby’s has going for it is its convenient location on Mass Ave. They also offer a wide variety of spa services, from the traditional manicure and pedicure to full waxing and threading services. The prices are affordable- $33 for a manicure and pedicure, $25 for a gel manicure, and $15 for a lip and chin wax and eyebrow threading. There are also Brazilian waxes for $50 and full facial waxes for $30 and a deep cleansing facial with an enzyme and serum for $65. However, it’s a small salon and if you come at the wrong time of day you may be waiting for a while before actually getting your nails done.
Tip: Steer clear of the gel French manicure here- you’ll likely be left with uneven and sloppy looking white tips- and remember to take out cash beforehand- there’s a $12 debit/credit minimum and they strongly prefer if you use cash.

Solar Nails and Spa 150 Huntington Avenue
Located a little up the street from Northeastern by the Pru, Solar Nails is a small and friendly salon where there’s rarely a wait. While their manicure and pedicure is a bit more expensive at $35, they do an excellent and very thorough job- because of this, you can expect to be there for a while when getting one. Their set of waxing services is more basic- they don’t offer a Brazilian or full facial waxing- but they do offer finger and toe waxing for $5 and stomach waxing for $15.
Tip: You can’t put a tip on your debit card, so remember to bring some cash along with you.

Campus Tan Nail Salon and Spa 333 Huntington Avenue
By far the priciest option but wins in terms of it’s location- it’s practically across the street from Northeastern- plus they accept NEU’s Husky card. They also offer tanning services in the same location. A manicure and pedicure goes for $41 and a gel manicure is $54- more than the price of a gel manicure and a regular pedicure at most other salons.
Tip: Don’t expect a foot massage during the pedicure- it wasn’t included the last time I went.

Town’s Nail and Skin Salon 336 Newbury Street
While this place may take a bit of a trip to get to, it’s worth it. They offer excellent service and amazing prices- all while doing a great job on your nails. A manicure and pedicure goes for $35 and so does a Brazilian wax. A lip wax goes for $8 and an eyebrow wax goes for $1. A gel manicure and regular pedicure is $50. It’s also a huge salon, so the wait is never more than a couple of minutes, even if you come in without an appointment. Furthermore, the service is quick and the staff is very friendly.
Tip: The best part is that they offer discount cards, so after ten visits you can earn a free manicure.

Happy Pampering, collegiettes™!

Photos: cybersylist, depasqualethespa.com

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