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There’s nothing that unites the world of social media more than a premiere of The Bachelor (except maybe an election). Monday night’s three-hour premiere was no different, with Twitter going ablaze over Colton Underwood’s grand Bachelor debut.


In case you forgot, Colton is the football player from Becca’s season who stirred up all that pointless drama over his past relationship with Tia, aka Becca’s BFF. He’s also a former NFL player and–*gasp*–a virgin.



Here’s everything that went down during the premiere of The Bachelor Season 23.

After a full hour of filler and talk about Colton’s “shocking journey to love” and him being “the first virgin Bachelor,” the festivities finally began.


Some standouts from the limo first impressions:

  • Cassie showed up with a box of fake butterflies, because Colton “gives her butterflies.”

  • Caitlin brought a cherry balloon and quite literally popped Colton’s cherry.

  • It’s not a Bachelor premiere without someone in an animal costume. This time, it was Alex in a sloth costume.

  • Brie made the internet go bezerk with her fake Australian accent. We’ll see how long this lasts.

  • Catherine brought her dog-daughter Pomeranian to the mansion and handed her off to Colton.

  • Erin pulled a full Cinderella and showed up in a horse-drawn carriage wearing a light blue gown.


Demi pulled Colton aside to chat immediately after his toast, which shocked some of the girls who apparently have never seen an episode of The Bachelor before. The first kiss of the night went to Caelynn, aka Miss North Carolina. Some girls went a little crazy trying to get Colton’s attention, making grand gestures like an orchestra and piggy-back rides. Drama erupted when Catherine stole Colton three times before some girls had even gotten a chance to talk to him. Even after Catherine was confronted about her actions, she stole Colton for a fourth time. Right now, it looks like Catherine is shaping up to be the villain of season 23!

The first impression rose went to…drumroll please…Hannah! The blonde in the glittery gold gown stole Colton’s heart.

No surprises at the rose ceremony. Yes, Catherine and her lip fillers lived to see another day in the mansion.


The premiere of season 23 of The Bachelor had more filler than actual show content and was way too long. It was a mess, but is it ever not a mess? We love The Bachelor in all its messiness. ‘Till next week, Bachelor Nation.

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