Ayana Blue and Jennifer Wong of HAUTE Fashion

Seniors Ayana Blue and Jennifer Wong are the driving forces behind HAUTE Fashion; a student group focused on bridging the gap between the Boston fashion community and Northeastern students.  HAUTE was founded 3 years ago by Northeastern student Jessica Kong with the goal of bringing together those who appreciate the endless facets of the fashion industry and introduce those that are curious to the opportunities available in the Boston fashion scene.  

Ayana (pictured on left) and Jenn (far right) continue this legacy by continuing to share their enthusiasm for fashion and bringing together a dynamic group of students to constantly grow HAUTE’s presence both on and off campus.  Both seniors treat their positions as a job and take HAUTE’s endeavors very seriously.  As President, Ayana’s role is to drive HAUTE in the fore-front and behind the scenes to keep all the groups activities on track.  The group’s Vice-President, Jenn works to create a clear channel of communication with the e-board and general members so that the group function as a unit, and work efficiently.  Since the fashion industry is a fast-paced business, it’s important that the whole team is working according on scheduled and together.  Both Ayana and Jenn believe that if their team is fragmented, the show will definitely reflect that; stating, “In order for our audience to truly enjoy the show and to walk away feeling like they can take something away from the experience, it’s important for us to work collectively and collaboratively.” The group’s relentless hard work has truly paid off for them, as HAUTE won NU’s Student Group of the Year in 2010 after just 2 years.  

Throughout the year HAUTE holds many events, most notably during Boston Fashion Week and their annual fashion show.  During Boston Fashion week, HAUTE makes an effort to expose NU students to fashion by organizing group outings to events and shows where their members get to see some legitimate productions.  Jenn says that these events have given her the opportunity to see “some of the most interesting and talented fashionistas and business entrepreneurs in Boston.”  Group members are encouraged to go out in to the city to find the fashion and trends that interest them and introduce the ideas in meetings to get everyone discuss their different views on what makes fashion, fashionable.

HAUTE gained quite a bit of notoriety last year after their amazing turnout for their ‘Gaga in Wonderland’ fashion show. Check out the photos from the show!  The show was held in the Fenway center on St. Stephens Street, and tickets sold out in a matter of hours.  HAUTE members could not have been more thrilled about the turnout for them to showcase their hard work.  Ayana and Jenn promise that this years show is an evening not to be missed!  This year they will showcase an even more incredible catwalk, focused more on the clothing and makeup telling the story, and less on the theatrics than last years show.  This year not only will the evening be about the fashion show but HAUTE will be renting the Fenway Center for a longer period of time so that guests can mingle, snap pictures, and network.  Jenn made sure to emphasise, “fashion isn’t just the runway, it’s a business, it’s a different world!”   The underlying theme of this years runway will be androgyny, and will take place on Saturday, April 23rd.  

HAUTE invites anyone with an interest in fashion to join the group.  Check them out on Facebook, drop by one of their weekly meetings on Tuesdays at 6:00pm in IV room 013 , or email them at [email protected]!