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All Inked Up and No Place to Go

All right, collegiettes™. I know that I’m not the only one of us who secretly loves tattoos. They’re fun, oftentimes meaningful, and - let’s be honest - hot. The problem is, it’s hard for career-oriented women to get tattoos because they aren’t always welcome in the workplace. Sure, some more laid-back employers don’t mind visible tattoos, but most serious jobs would rather you wear extra-long sleeves to cover them up.

The secret to getting a tattoo is to know the appropriate placement. The safest place by far is somewhere on your stomach or ribcage. After all, no formal job that bans tattoos will ever ask you to remove your shirt (we hope!) Just keep in mind that some stomach tattoos may stretch awkwardly if you ever get pregnant. My tattoo artist told me that MOST of the time, the tattoos will go back to normal after a mother loses all of the baby weight. Still, though, keep in mind that the tattoo may stay stretched.

I decided to get a tattoo on my hip: unless I’m flaunting a bikini at the beach, you might never know it’s there!

The back is also a safe place to get a tattoo, but make sure you think ahead! If you ever plan on wearing a formal backless gown or wedding dress, make sure you’re okay with the tattoo showing. There ARE ways to cover up tattoos for formal occasions- like with make-up- but the make-up may smudge or rub off.

My friend Molly decided to get a tattoo on her thigh-this way, a formal dress would most likely cover it up, as would normal co op and business attire.

Honestly, getting a stealthy tattoo is all about being creative. People get them on their feet, thighs, hips, and anywhere else you can imagine. Remember to keep your tattoo classy (just in case your employer ever DOES see it) and well-placed. After all, you’ll love your tattoo that much more if you know you won’t regret it in the future!

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