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6 Study Spots for When You’re Sick of Snell

It’s officially the burnout point of the semester. Don’t fret; a change in scenery will help you get your assignments done and mix things up! Whether you need complete silence or some background noise, there is a study spot for you!

  1. The Northeastern Law Library

The Law Library is perfect for when you really need to focus on a project or study for a big test. Beware, however, that you can hear a pin drop here. The surrounding law students getting their work done  are quite motivational. Come here if you have an intense academic to-do list to accomplish!

  1. The Boston Public Library

The BPL is perhaps the most beautiful study spot around and a fun adventure to go on with friends. It is a quick T ride away on the Green Line. Its historic beauty includes an open courtyard with fountains, gorgeous paintings, and a cafe!

  1. Centennial Common

While it is getting colder, it’s important to soak up the sun when you can to avoid seasonal depression! Centennial Common is perfect for getting some reading done on warmer days as long as you bundle up.

  1. Curry Student Center

Curry Student Center is a great change of pace from the library, and the second floor is nice and quiet. Curry is a less stressful environment, and you can easily grab a bite to eat, stop by the market, or grab a coffee at Starbucks if you need a study break.

  1. Ryder Hall

Ryder is perfect to study in if you don’t mind a bit of background noise or have a more mindless assignment to complete. There’s a Subway conveniently located on the first floor if you need a lunch break.

  1. The Campus Starbucks or a nearby coffee shop!

Refresh yourself with a nice cup of coffee or other caffeinated drink and a cute little place to study. Coffee shops are great when you want a little background noise and want your studying to feel less stressful and more like a fun activity.

Tara O'Connor

Northeastern '25

Tara O'Connor is a first-year at Northeastern University who loves to write.
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