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6 Fall Fashion Trends to Keep You Stylish This Season

Your morning alarm goes off signaling that you need to get ready for your 9:15 class. Sprinting out of bed, you hurry to get ready. You dash to your closet in the hope a trendsetting outfit will jump off of the hangers and onto you. Unfortunately, reality hits as you rummage through clothes in a panic, creating piles of unworthy outfits on your floor. To avoid this debacle, here are six fall trends to look for in stores or your own closets, that will create the perfect fall outfits for any occasion:

1. Colorful block knitwear


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This past New York Fashion week showcased many stunning and innovative pieces, but it was off the runway that the perfect fall trends were worn and showcased by celebrities and fashion influencers. Colorful sweaters were all the rage on the city streets, making a splash in fashion magazines across the country. These pops of color, 80’s-inspired sweater pieces can serve as a tasteful accent to any outfit.

2. Oversized plaid blazers



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Add this 90’s piece to your closet for a more preppy look. Although sophisticated, a neutral plaid blazer can be utilized as part of a casual outfit when paired with a graphic tee, mom jeans or shorts and retro cuff socks with Vans.

3. Flared bell bottom denim


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Flared out denim is the new bottom look for fall. A trend initially worn in the 70’s, it has recently risen in popularity. This denim piece, paired with a buckle belt and a basic tee, is the perfect, simple look when running late to class in the morning.

4. Corduroy jackets


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Corduroy is a stylish fabric that speaks fall. Throw on a corduroy jacket with denim bottoms or even a matching corduroy mini skirt for a classic New England look.

5. Bulky sneakers


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After traveling to France and London this summer, I can confidently say that the ‘dad sneaker’ look is back and bulkier than ever. Whether it is a pair of bulky, luxury sneakers or FILA, this look is suitable for fashionable college life on the go.

6. Metallic accents


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Although most of these trends are influenced by styles from the past, this trend has a futuristic essence. Metallic bags, shoes and belts are seeing a rise in popularity this fall season. Be a trendsetter and wear a silver mini backpack as an accent with a dull or dark solid outfit.

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