5 Things I Am Currently Grateful For

As someone who loved every minute of freshman year, leaving the beautiful Boston behind to continue online classes at home was not the ideal ending to an eventful year. However, despite the obstacles we've had to face, I’ve had some time at home to reflect on some of the things that I am thankful for in the midst of the pandemic.

  1. 1. Online Classes

    While it’s inconvenient to continue art and architecture studio classes from home at 6:50 in the morning (thank you, time zones), I am still grateful for the opportunity to have the same one-on-one attention—though virtually—with my esteemed professors. It’s amazing how quickly my professors were able to adjust their syllabi to accommodate the last-minute change to online classes. And if I’m being honest, I am going to miss the peaceful 6:50 AMs when classes and finals are over.

  2. 2. Healthy Home-Cooked Meals

    Hotel breakfast room service

    The stress of academics can take a toll on one’s health; the pressure to complete assignments and adhere to deadlines can stress one out to the point where they forget to eat the appropriate amount of healthy meals. While living at home, I’m extremely thankful that my parents keep me accountable for meals; from family dinners to making my own food, they always ensure that I am eating well.

  3. 3. Free Time

    Person pointing remote at a TV that is displaying Netflix

    Online classes are surely more inconvenient than in-person classes, but somehow, I end up having extra time on the weekends to relax. Since being home, I’ve been able to create a fun, self-care routine, watch movies online with friends (Netflix Party!), watch Jeopardy! with my family, and work on my journal.

  4. 4. Reconnecting with High School Friends

    woman sitting on sofa looking at phone

    After moving to the east coast, time zones have posed minor issues in being able to keep in touch with friends from high school. Now that I’m back on the west coast, in the same time zone, I’ve been calling and texting my friends more than usual. I’m so thankful to be in touch with people that make me smile, laugh, and remember good times amidst the current circumstances.

  5. 5. Social Media

    Hands holding phone

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of Instagram...but I’ve never spent as much time on Instagram in my whole life as I am doing now! While my screen time may be through the roof, social media allows me to update friends and family on my life, connect with relatives across the world, and learn new skills. Since discovering an Instagram account dedicated to baking sweet treats, I’ve also been learning how to bake.