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5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Be a Part of Relay for Life



Relay for Life, a twelve hour event to raise awareness and raise money to help fight cancer, kicks off Friday, March 21st at 6:00 PM and ends Saturday, March 22nd at 6:00 AM. Here are 5 reasons why everyone should be a part of Relay for Life!

1. Give Back!

This is your chance to donate your time and money to a great cause. Cancer is a serious issue that plagues our friends and loved ones alike. A pledge to participate in Relay for Life is a pledge to do all that you can do to help find a cure for cancer.

2. School Pride!

The energy is guaranteed to be electric. But did you know that Northeastern’s Relay for Life is number one in the New England area for entertainment? Did you also know that several thousand people have showed up and over 100,000 dollars have been raised. Northeastern’s Relay for Life is ranked among the best of the best. Why not hop on the bandwagon? Everyone wants to be a part of the winning team!

3. Chance To Win Prizes!

Silent auctions, gift baskets, free swag, oh my! Who doesn’t love free stuff? During the event, for example, race bibs will be sold for a dollar. For every hour you stay on the track, you will receive a sticker on your bib. Each sticker is an entry for some cool prizes. But that’s just one of the many chances to win!

4. Free Food!

Need I say more? No event on any college campus could possibly be complete without the promise of free food. Relay for Life is no exception.

5. The Chance To Walk With Cancer Survivors.

Cancer survivors are some of the strongest people we know and the first lap to kick off the race has been dubbed the Survivors Lap, which is nothing short of inspirational in title and its very nature. Leading this lap are survivors of various forms of cancer and, if you participate, you have the opportunity to walk with them, which is the ultimate sign of support.

But if you’re going, here are some things to keep in mind:


  1. Alcohol, drugs, and tobacco products are not allowed. You will be escorted out and people will judge you. Don’t be that person.

  2. Yes, there will be food. But there will also be a lot of people, so bring your own food and snacks as well. You can bring sealed drinks and empty water bottles only.

  3. Bring cash. There will be things to buy like food and cool swag.

  4. Wear comfortable clothes. Think about it, you’ll be walking (or sleeping) for several hours.

  5. Any time between 6 PM and 12 AM, you can exit and re-enter. After 12 AM, you can leave, but you cannot re-enter.

So what are you waiting for! Find a couple friends, form a Relay for Life team, and join in on the fight to end cancer. Look out for an email from your team captain detailing what to bring, Relay procedures, etc.

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