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The 5 People You Meet on Planes

Anyone who travels a lot can identify that there are habits people tend to exhibit on their trips that are less than charming, and could be of great annoyance to all those around them. Here are some of those people:

1. The loud snorer

This is that person that somehow manages to fall asleep before takeoff, and only wakes up when you land, snoring the whole time as loud as humanly possible, making it impossible for you to sleep without noise canceling headphones.

2.  The person who hogs the arm rest

Will you be able to establish dominance, or did you lose this battle as well? If you are a small person, most of the time you don't stand a chance; trying to get a hold of both arm rests would never work, you'll just end up losing both.

3. The Chatty Cathy

This is just your bad luck for the day. Maybe she asks a lot of questions and forces you to answer them all, or maybe you are just stuck there listening to her while she rambles about her life problems, even though you probably didn't ask. It is also the worst when they repeatedly ask you questions while you are trying to read a book or listen to your music.

4. The loud talker

This person is probably not even talking to you – maybe they are on the phone for the entire boarding time and can't hear how loud they are talking, or they are just talking loudly to every possible person around them. These people usually enjoy talking a lot and they continue to do so for the whole trip.

5. The one who always ends up sleeping on you

                                                                               via The Odyessy Online

This person causes possibly the most awkward and uncomfortable situation for all of us. This person has no regard for personal space and whether this is intentional or accidental, you still walk off of that plane with a numb shoulder.