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5 Jaw-Dropping Documentaries on Netflix

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Northeastern chapter.

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1. Icarus

Icarus won the Oscar this year for Best Documentary, and you’ll see why. Following the Russian doping scandal, this documentary will have you on the edge of your seat. When you can’t fathom how insane it is, another layer is peeled back and you’re in shock until the next crazy thing happens. With so many twists, this documentary will keep you shocked for hours.

2. Miss Representation

Ever feel upset that you don’t look like girls on Instagram? You’re not alone. This documentary delves into the impact advertising has on body image and general societal pressures put on young girls.

3. Living on One Dollar

Three men move to rural Guatemala for three months to learn what it’s like to live in extreme poverty by surviving on one dollar each day. Along the way, they create lifelong friends who share their amazing stories.

4. What the Health

If you’re that person who rolls their eyes when someone says they’re vegan, watch this documentary. This documentary discusses not only the negative environmental aspects, but also the negative aspects of industrial agriculture and farming on humans as well as the impact on health. This documentary will have you thinking for days.

5. 13th

Of course, 13th is an Oscar-winning documentary that looks into the institutional racism built into the 13th Amendment. This is a must-see for any US resident.

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