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The 5 Best Horror Movies to Watch on Halloween

It’s spooky season, everyone, and what better way to celebrate than to scare yourself with some classic horror movies? Grab a friend to protect you, some snacks to distract you and a fuzzy blanket to hide behind, because these horror picks will definitely put you in the spooky mood.

1. “Insidious”

A married couple moves their family into a new home. One night, one of their sons is drawn to the attic by a noise, and he ends up falling down the ladder, which puts him in a coma that the doctors just can’t explain. After three months with no results, his parents bring him back home. Soon after, some spooky stuff starts happening. His mother decides to call a demonologist to try to get her son back. Will they succeed, or is their son gone forever?

2. “Unfriended”

High school student Laura Barnes takes her own life when an embarrassing video is posted anonymously and goes viral. One year later, her former best friend, Blaire, is Skyping her group of friends when an unknown user joins. The group tries to get rid of the caller, but is unsuccessful. After looking up the account, Blaire realizes it used to belong to Laura. Links start popping up that show bad things that members of the group did to Laura, and after the link is posted, the culprit commits suicide on the chat before it disconnects. By the end of the movie, the person who posted the video of Laura Barnes is revealed – so who did it?   

3. “Oculus”

A married couple attempts to kill their children after an antique mirror arrives in their new house. The mirror makes the parents kill themselves, and the police arrest the ten-year-old son for their murder. Eleven years later, he is released and his sister has tracked down the antique mirror and brought it into her house. Her goal is to prove that it is supernatural to clear her brother’s name before destroying it. They work together, but things quickly go wrong. Will they destroy the mirror, or will the mirror destroy them first?

4. “Sinister”

A writer, Ellison, moves his wife and two kids into a house where a family was murdered. Ellison wants to use that murder as the topic of his new book in hopes of finding out what happened to the only survivor, the ten-year-old daughter, who disappeared. He finds a box in the attic that has a projector and a number of films labeled “home movies.” When he watches them, he discovers that each film is of different families getting murdered. When researching the murders with a local deputy, he discovers that in every murder, a child goes missing. After reporting this to the police, a deputy calls him and says that all of the victims have previously lived in that house. Will Ellison save his family from the same fate?

5. “When A Stranger Calls”

Jill, a teenager, is forced to babysit for a rich family to pay off her cell phone bill. After putting the kids to bed, she starts getting creepy phone calls from an unknown caller. The caller suggests that she’s being watched. She calls the police, and they try to trace the phone. The police say that the calls are coming from inside the house. Jill takes the children and runs. Will they escape, or will the stranger get to them first?

Katya Awar

Northeastern '22

I'm a Senior at Northeastern University majoring in Media and Screen Studies and minoring in English and Musical Theater. I hope to be a screenwriter one day!
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