4 NU Startups That Make You Proud To Go Here


A simple idea that might have started in a college dorm room or from an unexpected allergic reaction has led these Northeastern alumni to show Boston and the rest of the world just how far our graduates can go. Successful startups such as reweave, The Fresh Truck, Attendware, and 88 acres prove that the entrepreneurial spirit never really dies.



Who doesn’t love products that are not only practical, but also help others? Founded by alumnus Abhi Nangia and current student Daniel Garafulic, reweave was created on the foundation that everyone has the opportunity to better themselves and the world by purchasing sustainably made, directly traded products. “I was able to learn many of the skills I needed to be part of the movement for better-world business [through Northeastern],” said Nangia. With approximately 30 partners, reweave provides an online platform for those who believe that what you buy and where you buy from truly makes an incredible impact on a community. In 2014, their primary goal is to expand their impact report accessibility to youth so that our generation can become better educated on sustainable business practices.

The Fresh Truck

As a college student on a budget, I know firsthand how difficult it may seem to find anything healthy around campus. Thanks to alumni Daniel Clarke and Josh Trautwein, these options are available through The Fresh Truck. The new startup sells an assortment of affordable fruits, vegetables, grains and other foods to Northeastern as well as Boston neighborhoods in their cozy, well-organized store: a retro and beautifully renovated school bus. The mission is simple—that everyone in Boston deserves to eat healthier regardless of their economic status. Thus far, The Fresh Truck has sold over 340,000 pounds of food and has fed over 23,000 people.


You might know him if you are or were in the Northeastern Entrepreneurs Club, but past club president Greg Skloot has graduated and channeled his creativity to build Attendware, an all-inclusive event management software. “It all started as a side project in 2012, but it became full-time for me this past March. Things have really been moving since June when we received $1M through venture capitalists,” said Skloot.  If you’ve ever worked in anything event-related, you’ll wish that Attendware existed during your occasion. Not only can attendees check in on laptops and iPads, but they can also register and pay online for events, instantly print name tags upon arrival, receive invite emails and reminders, and more. In addition, Attendware provides fast attendee data, reports, and surveys to smoothly process and better understand analytics.   

88 acres

Northeastern alumnus Robert Dalton’s startup story is quite terrifying, but resulted in a food company founded entirely on love. After a dinner with his wife, Nicole Ledoux, Dalton’s life was threatened by a cross-contamination with nuts. He thankfully recovered, and from that a startup was born: 88 acres. His wife wanted to understand more about her husband’s food allergy and decided that there needed to be more allergen-free choices available. After months of perfecting the recipe, the two created snack bars that are not only free of the top 8 food allergies but also GMO and gluten free! This year, they plan on finishing production for their first line of products: triple berry, chocolate & sea salt, and apple & ginger. Yum!

Do you have an idea or invention about which you’ve always wondered, “What if?” Don’t be afraid to take that chance! Northeastern truly embraces that entrepreneurial drive through initiatives such as the Husky Startup Challenge and IDEA. You never know where it’ll take you.