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23 Signs You Go To Northeastern

1. You’ve wanted to jump in the Christian Science Reflecting pool since your freshman year, but you always chicken out.

2. Two words: NU Shuffle

3. You know how to rock “business casual” like no other.

4. You avoid going to Rebecca’s at 11:15 and 1:25.

5. BU

6. You go to Red Sox/Patriots/Celtics/Bruins games instead of Northeastern sports games.

7. You know that the more casual NU Alerts sound, the more worried you should be about their content.

8. You’ve memorized the lyrics to “Northeastern State of Mind.”

9. 99% of the time you don’t know if a party is being hosted by Northeastern kids, BU kids, MIT kids, Harvard kids or Berklee kids.

10. You understand the struggle that is West Village’s wind tunnels.

11. You know better than to buy your groceries from Wollaston’s.

12. You get confused when people ask you what year you are.

13. You go to Blackman during finals to rub the Husky’s nose for good luck.

14. It’s hard for you to say goodbye to Outtakes for the weekends.

15. Going anywhere on the green line gives you anxiety because you suffer terrible timing and always end up sprinting after the T.

16. You can distinguish Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, French, English, German, Turkish and Russian accents from one another thanks to Northeastern’s international population.

17. By senior year you’ve become friends with the homeless people in Ruggles who used to scream expletives at you as a freshman.

18. The first thing you learned at orientation was to use Prudential as your “North Star” when finding your way home from parties.

19. You talk way too much about how great it is that Northeastern has a campus despite being located in a city.

20. You still can’t decide if the proximity of Boston PD makes you feel more safe or more scared.

21. You possess the ability to fall asleep to ambulance and police sirens without wearing earplugs.

22. You sometimes go semesters without seeing your friends because you’re not on the same co-op cycle.

23. But it’s okay because you get job offers when you graduate!

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