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12 Types of Students You Will Sit Next to at College

There are so many interesting people you will meet in college, whether that be through clubs, classes, or campus life. Here are 12 different people you’re likely to sit next to in college:

1. The person who is just as lost as you are

Even though you guys get along so well because you have something in common (being clueless) DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT choose each other as “study buddies.”

2. The teacher’s pet

A break is a break, do not go up to ask the professor questions on your specific response to the homework question due in three weeks. We get it you have your life together.

3. The one who is always late and loudly asks you to catch them up

Hearing your alarm go off for an 8 am is traumatizing for me too,   

4. The boy who tries to slide in at all the wrong times  

If the professor is talking about a tragic event in history that took out half the population, it is NOT the time to talk about how you’ve been making “mad gains” at the gym. 

5. The one kid that forgot to register for the class three years in a row

This is just irresponsible and weird. Don’t do it. 

6. The one who comes back from co-op or studying abroad and it totally changed their life

I got to give it to study abroad students. You can throw start any conversation with them, and they will work in a crazy experience they had in Argentina. The really talented ones still have the accent they gained from their semester travels!

7. The one who plays musical chairs every class 

This stresses me out because it creates a domino effect. If someone takes a different seat than usual, the person who originally “claimed” it has to move, then the next person has to move as well, and so on. Is it going to be a normal morning where I sit in my seat or am I going to end up across the room?

8. The one who decides that class time is nap time 

We all get sleepy in class, but it just gets awkward when someone starts snoring. 

9. The one who thinks their headphones are plugged in 

I do not know who is more embarrassed …you or me for you. 

10. The one who only shows up for exams and expects to pass 

You know who you are. You may have gotten more partying or sleep in, but now it is exam day and you fully played yourself. 

11. The conspiracy theorist  

Not everything is fake news. Believe it or not, your dual degree professor is not spending two hours lying to you. 

12. The one who is always sick

Call your mom or something. You definitely need help if you are “sick because it’s cold outside” in August.

Meghan Patel

Northeastern '23

Meghan Patel is a first year at Northeastern University majoring in Politics, Philosophy and Economics and planning to minor in Law and Public Policy.
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