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100 of the Best Feelings

1. Putting lotion on your freshly shaven legs

2. Taking off your bra and putting on a comfy T-shirt

3. Climbing under your covers after a long day

4. Having clean sheets

5. Eating a freshly baked cookie from the oven

6. Walking out of a test you just nailed

7. Getting your braces off

8. Getting your nails done

9. Taking a hot shower

10. Getting a massage

11. Finally feeding your growling stomach

12. When you watch your two favorite TV show/movie characters end up together in the end

13. When your crush smiles at you

14. Eating peanut butter/Nutella straight out of the jar

15. When you get to sleep in

16. Putting on warm clothes from the dryer

17. When you make your crush laugh

18. Falling in love with a new song

19. When your favorite song comes on shuffle

20. Having the time to curl up and watch your favorite Netflix show


21. Getting a package in the mail

22. When your paycheck arrives

23. Wearing new underwear

24. Driving at night with the windows down listening to music

25. Sitting on a comfy couch covered in blankets

26. When your parents make you a home-cooked meal

27. When you win free stuff in a raffle

28. Landing after a long flight

29. Waking up from a good night’s sleep

30. Exiting out of browsers after a test

31. Checking off everything on your to-do list

32. Getting your hair done

33. Getting free food

34. Receiving a compliment

35. Giving a compliment

36. Having deep talks with friends

37. When the season premiere of your favorite TV show comes on again

38. Being right in an argument

39. Having someone play with your hair

40. Watching the sunrise/sunset


41. Feeling satisfied after a good workout

42. Drinking a cold glass of water when you are super thirsty

43. Finding the perfect outfit

44. Lying on the beach on a warm summer day

45. Spending time with your family

46. Using new makeup

47. Wearing new workout clothes

48. Doing yoga

49. Taking your contacts out

50. Cracking your back

51. When you get a new phone

52. Laughing so hard you cry

53. When you get new glasses

54. When you buy new clothes

55. Re-decorating your room

56. Eating your favorite food

57. Getting a snow day

58. Jumping into a pool on a hot summer day

59. Crunching on leaves in the fall

60. Receiving a bouquet of flowers


61. Catching up with old friends

62. Dancing with your friends

63. Getting free samples of food at supermarkets

64. Parking your car and finding out someone left extra time on the meter

65. Finding cash you had misplaced in the pocket of a jacket/purse

66. Finding money on the ground

67. When a movie/TV show makes you laugh

68. Eating freshly popped popcorn and watching a movie

69. Getting TSA precheck at the airport

70. Taking the first sip of your coffee in the morning

71. Running in the rain

72. Spotting a rainbow

73. Seeing a shooting star

74. When you find out the clothes you tried on at a store are on sale

75. When your favorite store has a huge sale

76. Trying a new food and loving it

77. Talking with someone and finding out you both are obsessed with the same TV show

78. Getting followed back on social media by that really attractive guy in your class

79. Getting an email that your class is cancelled

80. Eating a big spoonful of your favorite cereal


81. Spontaneously going on adventures with friends

82. Singing aloud to songs with your friends in the car

83. Spending time with family around the holidays

84. Hugging someone you haven’t seen in a long time

85. Making a random person yawn in a class

86. Hearing your favorite musician/band live in concert

87. Going on a bike ride on a warm summer day

88. Finding a super relatable meme and tagging your friends

89. Finding a good book

90. Walking out of your last final of the semester and being free

91. Nailing an interview

92. Getting a job/internship

93. Getting to pass on good news to your family/friends

94. Laughing at a hilarious story your friend tells you

95. Running into someone you know at a random place

96. Coming up with a great idea that people love

97. Getting treated out to dinner by your family

98. Feeling excited for something in the near future (vacations, birthday parties, fun events)

99. Surprising someone and making them really happy

100. When you can’t stop smiling


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