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10 Things Huskies Can’t Live Without


Without these things… we would never survive our 5 years here.

1. Rebecca’s

Getting food at Rebecca’s is like participating in the Hunger Games… but so worth it.

2. Wollaston’s

It’s pricey but so damn convenient.

3. Our co-op advisors

We need them to help us to figure out the puzzle that is our complicated Northeastern schedules. Otherwise we’d be like this…

4. The Green line AND the Orange line

Because just the green line would not cut it!


Where would we be without our favorite 2 a.m. pizza places?

6. The tunnels

Okay, so maybe they add 20 minutes to your travel time, but at least you can avoid the polar vortex…

7. Your Husky Card

Lost Husky Card? Guess you get no meals, Marino, or Snell.

8. MyNEU

This website is literally your answer to any northeastern related question… once you actually figure out how to navigate it.

9. 1st floor of Snell

Because where else would you pretend to be productive?10. Shillman Cat

Because after a long weekend off campus, you need something to remind you that you are home…


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Stephanie Cohn


Stephanie is a Sophomore Journalism major at Northeastern University and has been with her campus for about a year now. She spent her first semester abroad in Costa Rica where she discovered her passion for writing through weekly blog assignments. Stephanie is now in the process of pursuing a minor in Latin American studies and hopes that someday to cover the region. Currently she is the Hub Health intern for Boston Magazine and the promotions chair for Hercampus Northeastern. Outside of HerCampus she enjoys healthy baking, yoga, creative writing, and spending time with her Sigma Kappa sorority sisters. 
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