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10 Thanksgiving Hostess Tips From Friends


Want to be as successful a Thanksgiving hostess as Monica Geller? Then look no further! The tips below, all drawn from the Thanksgiving episodes of Friends, will show you how to cook a delicious dinner, plan out your guest list, and avoid some crucial pitfalls.


1. Don’t leave your dinner cooking unattended, even if you have a good excuse.

2. Thanksgiving can sometimes stir up old sibling rivalries, but don’t let yourself get too distracted.

3. Read your recipes carefully, especially dessert—and make sure none of the pages have been stuck together.

4. Don’t try to juggle too many things at once, or someone might end up getting hurt. Knife safety before seduction skills!

5. You’d think this would be self-explanatory, but watch out for guests that to try to stick their heads in the turkey.

6. Don’t led bad memories of past Thanksgivings overcome your fun this year…after all, everyone else is probably just as dysfunctional as you are.

7. Reuniting with old high school friends doesn’t always turn out like you think it will, so choose your guests with care.

8. Oh, and as always, beware the uninvited guest.

9. Never take out your treasured china plates, unless the Queen really is joining you for dinner.

10. Even when your guests arrive a little late, remember that a late Thanksgiving is better than no Thanksgiving at all, especially when you get to spend it with the people you love most

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