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Who should You Celebrate this Valentines Day and how

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Whether you love it or not Valentines Day has arrived. While movies and societal influences may have you believe there is a specific way to celebrate Valentines Day that isn’t completely true. Truth of the matter is there is a variety of ways to celebrate Valentines Day, so no matter what you do or don’t have planned here are some ways to celebrate Valentines Day.

Participate in Self-love Now, given the fact that every little detail surrounding Valentines Day is about love it easy to assume it’s a love between yourself and a partner. However, there are multiple types of love and one of the most important ones is self-love. This Valentines Day celebrate yourself, meaning wear what makes you feel good, and do what makes you feel good. Realize your self-worth and just like Tom and Donna from Parks and Recreation “treat yo’ self” this Valentines Day. To be more specific buy that item from your favorite store that you’ve had your eye on, treat yourself to dinner at your favorite interest, or take some extra time to relax.

Another way to celebrate Valentines Day is to spend time with friends. Another type of love to celebrate this valentines day is a love between friends. There are multiple ways for you to do this, one of the most popular ones you’ve probably heard of is “Galentines Day”. Either way take time to celebrate the relationships you have with your friends. Whether you’ve known them for six years or only this past year it’s important to realize the bond you have between friends is built on trust and numerous meaningful interactions. If you ask me these relationships are worth celebrating whether it’s getting dinner together, watching a movie, or just telling your friends how much you love their friendship make sure you let your friends know how much you love them.

These aren’t the only types of relationships to celebrate this Valentines Day. One of the more popular reasons to celebrate Valentines Day is to celebrate a romantic relationship. If you’re in a relationship this Valentines Day there are multiple ways to celebrate it. Just like celebrating the relationships you have with your friends romantic relationships should be celebrated for the same reason. However, there’s a wider variety of how to do so. Go out to dinner, exchange gifts, regardless of how you decide to celebrate make sure you make the other feel special and truly loved.

There are a variety of ways to celebrate Valentines Day. Whether you’re celebrating yourself or with someone you have a special connection with it’s important to make sure what you do makes the other person feel special and loved. Besides what’s the point of Valentines Day if it isn’t to celebrate love.

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